Twisted ankle.... what now? Not a good way to start the year.

Friday, January 23, 2015

This past week has been an interesting one for me. I left work on Wednesday, know that there were going to be some changes at work, but when and how was unknown. Thursday I went somewhere and twisted my ankle in a pothole in a parking lot. Within an hour or so I was in tears trying to stand on the foot and it was getting discolored. So off to the doctor in the area I went, since I was not in my home town. The doctor was very kind and sent me for an x-ray to see if there was any broke bones, after examining the foot. Fortunately no broken bones, but the ligaments are badly sprained. He put me in a splint, and said for work, I would only walk 15 minutes every 2 hours... with crutches, since I could hardly put any weight on the foot.
So going into my job was interesting. One of the managers started talking to me, and then eyed me up and down with the crutches and was speechless. Someone asked her what she was doing, and she said "Looking at Lenora break my heart." I told her what the doctor said and she agreed those restrictions do not work for what I do, but go ahead and talk to the manager about it. She forewarned him that I was coming up the aisle on crutches. I related what happened again, and the doctor restrictions, and he immediately got on the phone to his boss due to another event that was supposed to be happening the following Monday, but with me out, that needed to be delayed for a week or two, of which he agreed to.
So for 6 days I was basically off my feet for most of the time. I kept my fluids, food, and rest up. It was funny that for all but the last day, my body forced me to take an hour or so nap. The first 2 days I could hardly move any toe without pain shooting through, but by Saturday I could move the big toe gently. The discoloration area covered all of the top and outside of my foot, just up past the ankle, by Monday night. I kept the splint on for 95% of the time because I did notice that when I was not wearing it, my food had a tendency to lean in directions that hurt.
Tuesday morning I had a recheck with the doctor, and he said it all feels good... A doctor that actually touches and communicates with the patient. He said that since the ligaments are sprained it can take a couple of months to completely heal, so I need to continue to wear the ankle splint for a while.
As I spent many hours sitting with my foot up and icing for it to heal, I got to thinking how helpful it would be to have my health coaching business up and running. The injury would not have stopped my income because I could still have worked over the phone and/or Skype, as is my ultimate desire. So my next step in this career course is to get my flyers made and out there with my business cards. I just started working with a gal that is 4 months pregnant, so I look forward to go through the sessions with her and seeing her progress, and then hear her comments about what I have helped her with. Change is not an overnight progression, but take time. And sometimes the progression chooses a different path that we thought it would. I also am working with my parents, which I kind of have done since long before I started this endeavor.
Also, over the course of the past few months, I have come to wonder how much disease and illness starts with a lack proper hydration. When my husband and I were on vacation last August, we went where there was a lot of humidity, and within 2 days of returning home, my lips were cracking and my skin was itching from dryness... along with my allergies getting into gear again. By November, I ended up having a coughing time that did not quit. Normally the cough associated with my allergies will disappear within a few days, but when it did not, I went to the doctor, who gave me an antibiotic.... Shocker is, it did not change anything!! The NP told me to call her if it did not improve, but I tried a natural route that I had heard has helped with other things, and gave it a shot. Within 2 days, my cough was down to half-strength, to the point that a co-worker and my husband commented on it. I told them what I tried. My hypothesis was that my lungs were experiencing dehydration, so by providing some hydration allowed them to deal with the issue and I improved. So how many other issues can see improvement just by simple monitoring of water and oil intake. Sounds like a strange theory, but it seems to answer a lot of questions in my mind, and others, about why medication may not be the answer to certain things.
Now... if water and oil intake would help my head pain, that would be a miracle. We are still searching for the answer to that. The doctor for that actually put in for a referral to pain management because he has never seen a case of chronic head pain (since it has been over 6 months) and fibromyalgia in the same person. He forewarned me to tell them up front that I am not there for opiate prescriptions but rather to find out what other modalities they would recommend for this situation, since he has never seen a case like this in his 50 years of practice. I know I am a conundrum, but I need some help. I have a feeling that it is going to come down to getting injections to reduce the inflammation and let the body heal the nerve... which unfortunately is going to mean they need to take me off work since it takes 36 to 48 hours for me to recover from the injections which cause me dizziness.
Time will tell, but I can definitely say that I have broadened my understanding even more because I have experienced/deal with: chronic pain, adverse reactions, low med tolerance, limited mobility, among other things... and the stubbornness to not fully admitting when I need help and accepting it. Through most of this, I have continued to work at my main job, but it definitely builds my desire to change my direction to one that helps others know they are not alone in this world, and there is someone that understands.... I am here!!
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