No Sweets

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I have decided I DON'T eat sweets. It's not secret I have a sweet tooth. As the days go on my eating habits are getting better but my fitness isn't. Granted I am back at work and I use the stairs as much as I can (eight floor building with my department being on the fifth ) and I'm just up more in general but that's about it. Baby steps though..I know they'll get me where I want to be. But seeing as how the most I've done is add more movement to my day I am relying right now on getting my healthy eating back to rip top shape. The reason? Well before it was to be back in shape by Valentine's Day..a goal that made the first 9 weeks postpartum pretty upsetting as I saw I probably wouldn't reach my goal weight of 135. So I decided it's more realistic to hit my goal by April 30th in time for spring. But that's a longer term goal and found that I needed something revamped..closer than April but more realistic than being 135 with only 3 weeks to go.

So I joined a 4% in 4 weeks challenge at my work and sadly the first week I gained a pound rather than losing anything. So I have to lose 7 pounds in three weeks and if it's lot the healthy way there's no point. But how can I do that without getting the fitness I crave? My answer was say bye bye to sweets and felt it was attainable due to having a set time and set goal. I told a girl at work and my boyfriend for more accountability and now I'm telling you.

I have set myself up for failure at times since having my son so it's time to be more realistic. I have focused on my goals previously blogged for January and now I'm ready for this. And I am determined!
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