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sometimes a little bit of what you fancy does you good(with photos)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

sometimes you just fancy something even if you know it is not so good for you.well today was one of those days surprisingly.it was also one of those days where i also had little time to actually spend cooking so what do i go for a chicken pot pie.homemade of course so i control to an extent how bad it really is (or should that be good,not sure there.)to save time i used frozen vegtables

see i am not perfect.the rest is fresh made except the pastry it was one i made early(i always make enough for two then freeze one for times like today when i have little time).first in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil i cooked some chopped up turkey breast(the chicken didn´t look that nice in the turkish shop today so turkey it was.then i put half a packet of the frozen veg in the pan and a bit of milk and some coffee cream(less fat and calories than cream and the taste is just as good.some herbs and a teaspoon of parmisan cheese greated.then i emptied them into a pyrex dish

then with my defrosted frozen pastry i covered the dish,used the trimings to make a decoration on it and brushed natural yougurt(zakariya is allergic to eggs)to help it brown

then put it in the oven this is the finished pot pie

a close up of the roses

i served it with boiled potatoes and steamed rest of the frozen veg(so between the 5 of us myself,zakariya,ayyub,my sil and her son nebras we had a whole pack of frozen veg)
we all had our dinner served on small side plates and i am afraid even though i tried to make it as healthy as possible i had quite a big piece of the pie with it´s pastry and cream.(by the way i enjoyed every mouthfull)

as my nephew nebras doesn´t have milk products he had some grilled turkey breast instead of the pie

so as you see someby me it does go quick with frozen veg and frozen pastry but even that takes a bit of preparation to make sure you have the stuff in the freezer in the first place to use.anyway have to go now as lotfi and ayman should be here in a few hours and i want to myke myself pretty which takes abit longer the older you get,lol.hope you all have a great weekend don´t forget to make it count.take care and keep smiling and thanks for takine the time to read my blog.
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