Going Out and About!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Since I work from home, most of my outings are grocery shopping, bank and taxi driving DD#3 to her various activities. Occasionally on a Sunday I'll take an eye candy trip to Home Goods or Ross or Marshall's (on lucky days, all three!) emoticon

I've got 2 outings planned for this weekend...MY plans, not just accompanying DH, DD#1 on THEIR plans! emoticon

Today I'm going to a reunion lunch with co-workers from a past job. Same company, but the subsidary was dissolved and people scattered across the corporation. It was an AWESOME, tight knit group of people accomplishing mind boggling things! Should be WAY FUN! emoticon

Saturday DD#1 & I will visit my brother in the hospital. emoticon I've called him twice in the past few days and he's been REALLY out of it. Sounds like and reminds me of my dad at his worst before he passed. emoticon

My SIL is not forthcoming on details and as cancer has always been her worst fear in her life, I'm not blaming or knocking her for it. My Godson/nephew has been cautious/fearful/hopeful in his texts, so I don't want to press either of them. We will see for ourselves Saturday. emoticon

I'm consciously keeping to my eating routines so I don't binge and / or make myself sick. It's been hard, but I'm slogging on.... emoticon

Sounds dumb, but true for me: It sure is different actually going through these kinds of things rather than 'watching' my friends go thru them and sending them a support card, text, email or call.

emoticon emoticon
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