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Friday, January 16, 2015

I should probably mention that "so" is one of my absolute favorite words & I tend to overuse it. That being said, I might also start ALL of my blog posts with it going forward. And then we can call a collection of my blogs "And SO on...". I'm witty this morning!

I have gained weight since my hernia surgery back in Sept 13. It pretty much just crept up on me. Realistically, did I know it was happening? Sure I did. I had to stop going to my 3 times a week water aerobics class. I wasn't really walking. I was still eating without thinking. I was still taking Arimidex and then Aromosin. I wasn't doing anything to PREVENT weight gain.

When you've lost weight & then it starts creeping back up, you lie to yourself. You conveniently forget how much effort and hard work went into losing those 5-10-20 pounds. You tell yourself that losing a pound or 2 or 5 won't be hard. You'll do it tomorrow, the next day, next week.

And then you wake up one morning & your right shoulder is screaming in pain simply b/c you slept on it. You don't have an athletic injury. You didn't throw a football too many times. You didn't pitch the baseball over the plate more than you should have. You didn't lift a weight & strain something in the mechanics of your shoulder. No, your body is getting too heavy for its small-medium size frame & the weight on your shoulder for 5 or 6 hours of sleeping is simply too much & your shoulder hurts. A LOT.

And then reality sinks in. MY reality. I've gained 25 pounds in the past 15 months. My body is reminded afresh of this every single morning. It's no longer just the creaky knees & the wobbly ankles. Those were familiar. Those I had decided I could live with. This shoulder's bothering me. The pain? Yeah...that too. The pain bothers me. But it's more than that. So much more. One of my SPARK goal board items is that I don't want aches & pains to be part of my daily life especially as I age. This was a reference to the afore mentioned knees & ankles. Incurring NEW aches & pains was NOT in the game plan. I think this shoulder pain is my body's way of POKING me...of reminding me to take better care of it...of reminding me that there are consequences to my actions or more like my IN-actions.

Mo has to really & truly get back in the game. She has to step up to the plate & do all of the steps. How far can I take this silly baseball analogy? I have to focus on what's coming at me. I have to see where I am & see where I want to be & take the steps to get there. Obviously my first new goal is to get the INITIAL 25 pounds off. I'm hitting the ball & taking off from home base. Who is with me???
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  • AMYJO1967
    So...I see you wrote this back in January, and I can totally relate to it! My right shoulder hurts when I sleep on it, and while I "think" i actually injured it sometime at least a decade ago, I don't remember a specific injury.

    That said, I can sometimes be something of a klutz and often have people ask me how I got a bruise somewhere and I have no idea. I also rollerskate sometimes, so maybe that was involved, or I lifted something wrong, being one of many who considers bringing all the plastic grocery bags in at once a badge of honor or something. Why else would I loop all the bags on my arms/hands and waddle into the house at a snail's pace, back and knees complaining and hands losing all circulation?

    Anyway, I wake up with my right shoulder sore in the night, and flip to my left side, and later flip again because sleeping on my left side is just alien to me. Since I got my c-pap I sometimes actually start out sleeping on my back, as they told me was best, but that's unnatural to me too, so I rarely stay there.

    My point is, I can relate, so let's shoulder this issue together! (see what I did there?) emoticon
    1314 days ago
    Welcome back to Sparkpeople. I know exactly what you mean, I sometimes wake up with a stiff hip because I have slept on one side all night. Not a very comfortable feeling. I am often telling myself I need to lose weight but then chocolate screams at me at the supermarket and I give in. I am getting better though, only having it once a week instead of everyday. I would very much like to follow your journey into the new you. emoticon
    1480 days ago
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