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Meeting with Personal Trainer

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The meeting went really well with the personal trainer! His office is quite literally filled with certificates! He essentially will do a one hour consultation to determine what, how and when to eat and work out then implement a plan. I think it went really well!

Here's my issue - my husband (who has an incredibly high metabolism and can basically eat whatever he wants) has a very tough time understanding the struggle I have, and sometimes it seems like his ears are closed to a lot of the conversation.

The trainer has worked with lap-band and gastric bypass patients before and he feels that all these surgeries end up doing (and I tend to agree, wish I knew that at age 21) is shutting down the body's ability to burn and puts it into survival mode so I would need to increase my calorie intake. He also said that he's strict, that's fine! I'm ok with that!

What my husband heard "you can't eat desert ever again" which turned into "I've been telling you this all along that you need to try harder"

I can't fault him too much, I know this is his personality, he was brought up in a household where it was expected that the best way to succeed is to be belittled and criticized - this is how you get someone to succeed. In HIS mind. (Asian upbringing, he's Indian and an engineer - go figure :-P)

So...now I'm down to make a decision on my own. And I'm scared. I'm scared that I will fail, and subsequently waste $350 for 12 weeks of failure, which will in turn affect my marriage.

Now what's a girl to do? I know I'm not going to get the kind of support that works for me from my husband and I'm fine with that (so I don't want to hear "oh well he should be more supportive" or "you need to talk to him" this was his upbringing and it's going to take a long time for him to work out of this. It's not going to happen in 3 short years living with me :-))

I guess what I'm asking for is a selfish rally call! I need someone I can buddy up with, someone that can tell me I'm doing great and to keep going! Can SP do that for me? emoticon
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    Thank you to everyone for your support :-) I think I'm going to take the plunge, I have been working out and "dieting" since October with very little results. Lets see if the trainer can mix things up!

    emoticon emoticon
    2195 days ago
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    I'm willing to follow your blogs (I already am) and cheer you on. I can promise to do my best to support you, replying to every blog you write, for say, the next two or three months.

    Here's my take on the costs for the trainer: I think you should FIRST do all you can to change your habits and work on weight loss on your own. A trainer and expensive training will NOT do the work for you.
    It could well be that really, the trainer cannot tell you anything new. Or tell you things you cannot read online or in a book. And you cannot pay him forever so in the end you have to learn to motivate and encourage yourself, anyway.

    2196 days ago

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    I can see your conundrum, since it's a big cost... But, maybe think of it this way: how much would you pay to reach your goals? If you guys HAVE the money at all and you feel like this is the key to getting yourself where you need to be to make the changes in your life then I say what's a better investment?
    When I first started doing any thing remotely fitness, NEVER having done ANYTHING remotely healthy on purpose, I paid 170 for like 10 weeks, and that was just a 2 day a week class. to me that was a TON of money, but I thought of it the same way: would I pay 170 to change? I definitely got my money's worth in that regard as it sparked me and helped me first get my momentum going.
    I've paid for other classes where I didn't have quite the motivational experience I wanted, but I think starting out especially, if you know yourself, what you really need, and what you aren't going to get on your own or from your husband, I say, go for it.
    What's more important to invest in than yourself, and your health? It sounds to me like you DO need help with all this since you have even more tricky conditions going on medically.
    Also, I wonder if there is a LAP band group on here?
    Good luck!!
    2196 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15218105
    2196 days ago
    Hi Rachel, you can do it! Even if you miss a few training sessions, you're not going to be a failure. I also really admire how you recognize your husband's personality and don't cast blame on him for not being more supportive. That's so important in relationships! Anyway, I'm here to cheer you on...keep moving forward. :)
    2196 days ago
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