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Bad day at work!

Monday, January 12, 2015

My coworker is so rude that I ended up coming home from work early. I told my brother that I am not going to stay there and have him be rude and condescending to me all day. I just could not deal with it today at all.
On Friday, I walked in and started to say something to my brother, not knowing he was talking to him at the time, so he said, "Forget it" and my brother said, "No, what were you saying" and he said, "Nevermind!". I told him that when I opened the door, I did not hear anyone talking, and so I spoke, and why does he have to be such a big baby about everything. I did not mean to say it, I just get so tired of babying him all the time just to keep him from throwing a temper tantrum! He gets away with it because he is good at his job, but he is so rude to me and my brother both, and my brother is the boss, but he knows my brother will not fire him because it costs too much to train someone else to replace him, and there is always a lot of mistakes which end up costing my brother whenever he has to train someone new, so he puts up with it.

Well this guy was so mad, he lifted his binder up as high as it would go and slammed down on his desk so hard everything bounced, then he stomped up the stairs, opened the file cabinet drawer, and slammed it shut as hard as he could, I also heard him go, "Grrrr" then stomp back down the stairs.
After that every time I would start to speak, he would say something really loud to my brother to drown me out. We are the only 3 people in the office, and my brother just ignores him, but I try to, but can only do it for so long!

Today, he was so rude, and being deliberately mean and nasty, that when my brother got there, I told him I was going home. I told him why in private, and he just said 'oh geez', but okay. I tried to work awhile longer, but then he got rude with me again, so I just got up and said I'm going home, and left.

I did come home and connect remotely to my work computer and worked from home for awhile, just to make sure the important stuff got done, and I'll probably work again later from home too.

I just don't know what to do. I can't work upset all the time. I know I make mistakes when I'm upset and I don't want to make mistakes because I can't concentrate on what I'm doing.

I think I should look for another job, but my brother does need my help and he pays me more than I could get anywhere else, and he's easy to work with. I can tell him anything, he just won't do anything about it because we need a good dispatcher.

All I can do is try and learn dispatch and get better at it than this guy is, then my brother would fire him. He says he can't hardly stand working with him either most of the time, but he is good at what he does.

Anyone have any suggestions? I can't afford to quit, and I wouldn't just walk out on my brother either. It always costs him to train someone new, and we already go through employees like water because no one can stand to work with this guy for very long.

I'd appreciate any feedback anyone can give me.
Thank you in advance!
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    I'm sorry this is happening everyday. I agree with the others. The dispatcher needs to be told by your brother that it needs to stop. He is a grown man and he should act that way.
    Can you just work from home for awhile and get the work done? Or you do need to be in the office?
    It will affect your health Sue. It might be why you want to sleep all day. Your workplace is unhealthy.
    I'm keeping you in my daily prayers.
    God bless your day,
    1529 days ago
    An unhappy work life is miserable, I feel for you! Has your brother spoke to him about his rudeness and his temper tantrums. It's not appropriate in the work place and he needs to be told. He probably doesn't want to look for another job so he needs to shape up. Your brother doesn't have to threaten him, but tell him he is upsetting both of you with his habits and leave it at that. In the meantime, learn his job. Good luck and hang in there.....this too shall pass as they say. emoticon
    1530 days ago
    If you think you would be happy dispatching, bust your chops and learn the job inside and out. Talk with your brother and see if he can help train you (outside of the office
    if need be). When you and he are comfortable with your knowledge of the job, then he can tell the existing dispatcher the he is not the boss and if he cannot treat his coworkers with respect, not to let the door hit him on the butt on his way out. Your brother will have a replacement waiting, YOU!!

    Be aware, this dispatcher may be trying to get rid of you. He may feel threatened by you. Once you start learning all you can about dispatching, you won't have much time to worry about his remarks and hopefully will be able to block them out.

    You have come a long way, why slow down now? emoticon emoticon
    1530 days ago
    So sorry to hear that you're having a rough time at work, Sue. I agree with the others, learn the dispatch job and send this guy packing!! Good luck with it all. emoticon
    1530 days ago
    I don't blame you, no one should have to work under those conditions!

    Maybe you could meet your brother for lunch or dinner and talk to him about it? Maybe it would work better to talk to him on "neutral territory", away from the office.
    1531 days ago
  • no profile photo SHORTSTORY2
    I think you and your brother need to sit down and have a talk. If your brother is the boss he shouldn't be putting up with this guy acting the way he does. He should be told his behavior needs to change or he will be out of work. You shouldn't have to put up with being so disrespected!! If I were you I would learn the dispatch job and let the other guy go! Do talk with your brother. He is being a wimp and needs to man up!! Glad you can work from home, but you should be able to work at the office. Don't let this guy win!!! You need the job too!! Good luck to you.
    1531 days ago
    I guess the learning dispatch is the way to go. That guy needs to get out of there.
    1531 days ago
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