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Thursday, January 08, 2015

I'm not a huge fan of New Years resolutions. No point in waiting to turn over a new leaf and no point in not turning one because it's past January 1st or because you made a mistake.

My little man is 8 weeks today. Holy cow the time flies. The weight doesn't though! I'm thinking I did to myself what a lot of people do at the beginning of a weight loss journey; I expected everything ti change at once and that the weight would fall off. I thought I'd love working out and eating healthy just like before. I Thought I'd Have The energy. I thought since it is my sec pond child I'd be a pro and could handle the crazy schedule of a baby. I Thought I could handle it all. I was wrong wrong and wrong again about it all. I've lost 16 pounds since leaving the hospital and have about 30 to go to look like myself again and it's not at all just as simple as I'd thought.

To top off everything postpartum depression sure threw a wrench in and still is at time. Coming back to work is helping somewhat as I'm not just laying around the house all day.

As before in my previous weight loss journey I'm learning I can only change so many habits at a time and that the learning never ends. I've never rewarded myself before, I've had goals but not rewards. Weight loss is a reward right? Well sure it is as is health but I need a different approach this time. Before I had events to motivate me or I had a fitness challenge. I can't dedicate myself to a fitness plan as I thought I could or as I have joined the past. If I pop in a dvd and he starts crying it's over. If it gets to be late I need to sleep. I prefer mornings but I have to pump and until he sleeps through the night I don't sleep through the night. It's not that I shouldn't work out but JNL Fusion might be too much right now, Piyo might be too much T25..TurboFire. ..I have them all and they just might be too much. I need to move around more in general. So I have switched goals up a bit and sadly have had to accept that I have to do a do over. My last journey taught me a lot but I have to start over and atop trying to just pick up where I left off.

So I have three dresses both of which I bought early in my pregnancy expecting to fit in them by spring and I WILL. I say spring is roughly end of April here sadly. But I like this goal because it's not just weight related. It has little to do with the scale.

I also want to set weigh goals with rewards. First is when I hit 150 to buy two new pairs of jeans for myself. I'm kind of suffering through wearing old jeans and using a rubber band to hold them shut. Not a rich girl who can just go buy new clothes.

I started tracking food today because I've lost all touch with reality on if I'm eating too much or too little whereas I used to eat so healthy I could just listen to my body.

I want to drink 10 cups of water a day because again I've lost touch with reality on if I'm hungry or thirsty. What has happened to me?!

And I want to get up to 10000 steps a day. Tough because it's winter and freezing but I'll have to be creative and make it work.

I want to do 3 dvds a week. That seems low to my 5 to 6 but in think for January it's enough. And I'm done with saying it's one set. If I want to do a piyo I will if I want to do T25 or a HIIT from TurboFire I will.

I joined the wellness committee at work for accountability and to share my knowledge and a new company challenge of 4 percent in 4 weeks starts Tuesday. Woohoo!

I weight myself once a week. I measure myself once a month. I take pictures for accountability. I'm adding rewards and I'm adding the dresses and a date.

I think a new outlook is what I needed and I look forward to this next four weeks.
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    Awesome goals!

    One thing parenting has taught me is that things won't always go as planned. Actually, it was pregnancy/labor that taught me that!

    I've had to re-learn a lot of things while trying to lose weight. The main thing is that what worked before won't necessarily work now. I have to treat this time like the first time and experiment with what fits best in my life, right now. It won't be the same like when I lost weight in college.

    Thanks for sharing!
    2294 days ago
    Those are great goals! Just do what you can. At first, I managed to only get in the HIIT 15 workout from Turbo Fire a coupld times a week. And you little guy is only 8 weeks. Give it some time and he'll be napping longer, thus giving you an opportunity to workout. And then soon he'll be on a napping schedule so you can plan out when to workout, when to nap with him sort of thing.

    I think your goals are great. And I told my one friend this the other day - yes you want to lose weight. But right now your schedule is only slightly predictable because of your infant son. Be patient and soon you will be able to workout more. And before you know it you'll be in a routine. Just, honestly, be patient, and don't be too hard on yourself. Your making an effort and that does count.
    2295 days ago
  • MOJO0607
    Sometimes its hard to accept that things aren't going to go how we envisioned them, but I love that you have taken time to accept them (even if it is begrudgingly) and moved on with new goals. Don't let that take any wind out of your sails--if anything, you should be proud that you are taking the steps to make the difference, even if they seem small. Sometimes small is good, and it all starts with just that one step in the right direction. Hugs...
    2295 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2295 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Hope the PPD lifts soon! emoticon
    2295 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4300142
    Great goals! emoticon
    2295 days ago
    Awesome goals and I love how many different aspects you gave yourself as far as rewards...you have the weight loss and health, the new purchases, and the goal of fitting in some dresses. I love it! Just keep up the amazing work and you'll get there before you know it!!
    2295 days ago
    These are GREAT goals! I can't afford new clothes either, so I go to the thrift store about once a month on half-price days. Once I got $100 jeans for $3.75 and they were practically brand new. If you have one it's worth a shot if you're willing to search.

    You can do it!
    2295 days ago
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