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Evil Plan Part I: Not Tracking ALL of My Food

Thursday, January 08, 2015

So I've decided to unleash my evil plan in parts. There are going to be several really evil facets to my master plan that will be really evil, really facet-ey and really plan-ey.

The First One: Not Tracking All Of My Food!!!!

Years ago I had a personal trainer who was hard-core about nutrition tracking. Me? Had never done so. She gave me the "if you bite it, then you gotta write it" mantra/ultimatum/dogma (*). That being very much work for someone who had never done it, I asked "How about I start with just like my first meal?"

PT Ratched (**), suffice it to say, did NOT approve.

I think that you can imagine how well that went.

So, as those of you who know me know, when I am faced with the religious "all" (tracking every morsel/nutrient including the flouride in my water) or "nothing" (don't track at all and wonder why I'm not making progress), I will pick the option C. Even and especially if I have to be the one to write it on the exam

So for January and February, I will track my breakfasts definitely and possibly mid morning snacks. I have already noted some of the macronutrient deficiencies in some of my breakfast smoothies and am correcting with swaps in amounts of ingredients.

As I notice trends in ingredients and foods in snacks, I will (***), create groupings and modify them given the day. There are ways to make tracking easier with the SP tool than I remember from last time.

Lunch, Dinner and the two other snacks will, alas, go completely untracked for another two months. In march I will hone in on the mid-morning snack and maybe track lunch. But for now it's "If I Breakfast it, I'll Write-eakfast , it" (****)". I'm so awesome!! #awesome

It's evil because it goes against the whole religious dogma of tracking everyth....

(text comes in from former personal trainer)
ptcratch04: but ull never lose w8 if u dont track EVERYTHING!!!111 :S
ptcratch04: u never lost w8 bc u didnt track!!!!! :(
TDude: but i lost 30lbs since i fired u and ive #never #tracked #regularly
ptcratch04: oh....really?
TDude: yes #really
ptcratch: oh. ur plan is evil
Tdude: yes, #hence the blog title
ptcratch: ok bye
Tdude: l8r
(end text session)

Sorry you had to witness that.

So that's the first part of the plan. Wish me good British!!!

- TD Out

= = = = = =
Editors notes
* See, it's "witty" because it "rhymes"
** #cuckoosnest
*** And honestly he already has
**** Don't ask.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So hurrah for the this facet of your Evil Plan. Rebellion plainly suits you. Tracking is time-consuming - and worse, a bore. Like Meadsbay, I also use blanket groupings a lot so whatever I do is pretty hit and miss. Think we all know 'in ourselves' if we're really going over the top - and actually those are the moments when I give tracking a serious - but temporary - go and try to rein in a bit.
    Will be interested to see how the evil plan progresses - in whichever direction it takes you. In the meantime - best of emoticon to you.

    2135 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/27/2015 5:05:10 PM
    I don't track ANY of my food. I used to track here and there but hated it and still hate it. You have to do what works for you and that's all their is to it. If partially tracking works for you then do it. I wish you good British! :)
    2151 days ago
    heh, wishing you good British trent!

    Today i learned a new fun word, sadly it is of italian dialect, not british, so i cannot share it with you.
    I think your evil is contagious. :)
    Best to you

    2153 days ago
    I noticed over and over and over again that almost all by breakfasts (basically 2-3 meals randomly rotated) were right under or over 300 so I just did a grouping 'breakfast' 300 cals. And am done with it.
    I did a grouping for tea or coffee/cream and did a grouping for that and use throughout the day...some days more than others.
    Then I noticed almost all my lunches were about 400 cals. So, again, another grouping.
    Now all I track is dinner and snacks.
    I don't pay much attention to micro-nutrients and just try to eat low-carbish and as many F&V's as I can stand.
    Unfortunately, I have not lost any wt. on this brilliant plan, but at least I have more time to exercise.
    But I haven't gained any either.
    2153 days ago
    Tracking can be a pain, let's be real. It just adds to more time you already do not have. People say, "make time" well for that much, midis well start counting calories too! I hate tracking, but since over again this time, I am doing it to be safe. Once I get to maintenance, can't say if I'll still track so...I feel you!

    Do your emoticon
    2154 days ago
    GO GO GO! Be strong, you can do it!
    2154 days ago
    Tracking is tough! I try but I miss stuff too. Have a great day!
    2154 days ago
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