100 days, another 100

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

What did I do with my last 100? There were some jewels in there...
October, November, December...
Traditions, holidays, starting/facilitating a young adult group 'transitioning into adulthood' group, poetry, child's health improving, doing more physical therapy, joining pagan women's group, fitbit, board games with friends, learning 'puerto rico', survived kitchen remodel, put in new vanity and sink myself, generally happy and healthy, but stayed same place on the scales - obese.
My next 100...Sparkpeople, write, chaos crush, journal, fitness minutes increase, daily steps increase, meditate, increase fresh produce, increase water, connect fun with kid - partner increase, adventures, catch up with so many overdue tasks....electronic addiction recovery. Outdoor every day, walk, Lexi's kitchen project, clutterbusting, garden support, dog walks....
maybe i'll outline the 100 days, maybe i'll day at a time for now.
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