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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Welcome to another non-award winning blog! emoticon

I dropped my daughter off at school today, as I usually do. But today was a little bit different, as I was telling my friend D.

I was listening to "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, right after the wee one got out of the car. I was WAITING for her to get out of the car, as I knew it was next on the playlist, and I wasn't sure I wanted her listening to it. emoticon (Hey, I told her I loved her and have a good day- don't judge! lol).

So I was groovin' (and that sounds old school, but so does the song), pulling out of the parking lot, and a couple of upstanding, young gentlemen (middle school dudes. my daughter's peers. emoticon ) smiled at me and gave me a 'what's up'.


As I said, in my previous (award-winning blog! emoticon ) I feel different dropping my daughter off at school (along with a lot of other things, mind you).

But this is a kind of icky different. Still cool, lol. But...kinda gross.

Anyhoo, I went about my ride, groovin' as I said, to Uptown Funk. I was dancing in the car. Like seriously, dancing. And the fatter me would have been embarrassed. Hell, the thinner-fat me was. But I pressed on. I was happy. I was having FUN. And it was BETTER than COFFEE ( I sh*t you not!).

People laughed at me, I got a few finger points, but I walked in to work happier than anyone there, and stayed that way much of the day.

Maybe it's not the fat that weighs us down.

Maybe it's the 'I should shrivel up and die and not ever eat in front of anyone or God help me shop in the plus-size section or if I fall down they'll all laugh at the fat chick and if I put that lasagna in my cart the line will nod knowingly or if I put carrots in the cart they'll all snort because they don't think I'm eating them or the order the salad because if I order the steak i'll embarrass myself and that guy only likes me because ...


It's exhausting worrying about what people think of you, ALL THE TIME. Forget about the weight on your hips.



(and really, how does this help you become thinner.)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2043 days ago
    Sometimes, we have to let go and not worry what others think.

    Whenever I am thinking about doing something that may draw attention , or caught while caught in the moment, I either
    A. stop and then feel a little embarrassed
    B. Think I will never see these people again so who cares?
    or C. I think of the line from the movie Risky Business where Tom Cruise says "sometimes you just gotta say What the F**K".

    emoticon emoticon
    Spark On! Sparky Girl!

    2045 days ago
  • HEYRED221
    emoticon emoticon
    2046 days ago
    It's definitely not just the fat that weighs us down. Keep on groovin' girl!
    2046 days ago
    HELL YEAH again!!! Why? Because dancing to Uptown Funk in the car & getting those endorphins flowing is a FABULOUS way to start the day!!! And yeah, who cares what people think of us?! Okay, well, we all might just a tad... but in the long run, you are 100% right - it doesn't matter.

    So dance on, Sparky! Dance on :)
    2046 days ago
    I'm pretty sure I don't think too much any more about what people think of me or my weight. I was just reading a blog where someone was lamenting how fat she is at the moment, and she quoted a number, her present weight, and it is exactly what I weigh right now. In the old days, just as she is upset at that high number, I would have been so mortified that I wouldn't accept any invitations or go anywhere where others might take notice of me, much less ever EAT anything except salads in front of other people. But I agree with Babe's remark--in all likelihood, most people are paying very little attention to me or what I'm doing, and if they ARE paying attention and judging, then, as MAGMATTIN says, "in order to boost themselves they have to rip on others." So true! So forget 'em!
    2046 days ago
    Uptown Funk! emoticon

    I'm so glad you had such a freeing experience in your car, dancing like no one is watching is the BEST way to dance, and teaches you, like you said, that really does it matter what people think when you can carry the joy within in you and enjoy yourself. Whilst they just mutter, and be mardy; that is totally their business if they want to 'occupy the misery' no way should it stop or dampen your joy.

    Others thoughts are none of our business, our own mental happiness is, so you go girl with your Uptown self!! emoticon emoticon
    2046 days ago
  • _BABE_
    It is exhausting and not worth the angst because as much as anyone is worrying about what people think, those people are just worrying about themselves for the most part.

    2046 days ago
    Just keep groovin" and you'll do fine! I find that people who are the most critical of others, don't think much of themselves. So in order to boost themselves they have to rip on doesn't make much sense.
    2046 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    you can not think about what others think. you have to love yourself and that is the only important thing. you need to establish a plan and goals.
    2046 days ago
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