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Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy new year! Unlike last year, I started this year off right by NOT being late to work first day out. How'd I manage this? By not having to work on the 1st because I am far too expensive for my store to afford paying me time and a half. HA! *grin* Seriously, I had to open on the first last year and overshot my alarm like whoa. This year... well, this year I turned into someone's grumpy-yet-adorable grandma who spent NYE knitting the 2nd in a pair of gloves and falling into bed at 10:30p because I just can't hang in my old age. It was only... okay, it was like seven years ago when I stayed up all night sewing and my baby sister called me all happy-drunk to tell me it was her birthday and she loooooooved me. Oy.

Anyway, that's not why I'm here. Why I'm here is because I'm down to about two pair of jeans that still fit. Well, two casual pair of jeans. Most of my work jeans still fit okay, but I've got two "me-time" jeans that fit. One pair is about to fall apart at the seams, and the other stretch out two sizes more when I wear them for a day so they fit loose but comfy.

Once again, no one to blame but me. I am aware of this. I haven't weighed myself; I'll confess I'm afraid to. I don't want to see. I can tell by the fit of my clothes that I'm a slacker. I haven't made any extra effort to get physical lately. I could say that it's Michigan in winter and I have hormone issues that cause me to become ill with hives when I get too cold. I could also tell you that I'm too cheap for a gym (All my spare pennies are going towards paying down debt so I can boost my credit for house-buying purposes later this year). I could also remind the jury that I am an artist and my brain doesn't take a vacation (and the Muse of Doing Stuff doesn't wait for anyone) so I spend all my spare moments crafting beautiful and useful things... but they're just excuses, I know. Don't have to tell me.

On the food front I'm improving. I'm being good with my breakfasts, making sure I'm getting my fruits and grains and proteins and vitamins and such. I'm remembering to pack my lunch for work more often, with plenty of fruits and healthy crunchy things. I bought a 24oz water bottle and am constantly refilling it through the day... although to m dismay I've discovered that it also likes to tip over in inconvenient places, i.e. onto the floor at work, inside my messenger bag, into the side of the couch soaking the cover AND a corner of my cross-stitch project... *sigh* And even though it says it only holds 24 ounces it feels like the entirety of Lake Michigan comes pouring out when I accidentally knock it over. *snort* I'm staying away from sodas and ordering unsweet iced tea when we go out to eat.

It's funny how servers give me the strange looks when I ask for unsweet tea, and then it gets stranger when I decline sugar, sweetner, and lemon slices. When you add sugar to iced tea it just settles at the bottom like sand. It's sugary tea-sludge. So gross. Sweetners? if I wanted sweet tea I'd have asked for sweet tea. And lemon? I love lemon, but not in my tea.

Sometimes I ask for water and decline the lemon, yet it always makes its way into my water. Ugh. And I'm too nice to decline it and ask for a fresh one. I just fish it out with a spoon. Sometimes I think I'm too easy. *lol*

But anyway. I wear my spark tracker every work day, and need to get into the habit of wearing it on my days off as well. The battery is almost dead, but thank the Universe we actually carry them at work. 4 packs meant for battery tea-lights. Hello, coupon! *lol*

I'm trying to be good when eating out. Trying, and mostly failing. I was wondering what to make of it when last we were at applebees and upon seeing a new healthy entree and requesting it was told they were out. Booooooooo. C'mon, Universe, meet me halfway here.

This week I am on PTO from work. I'm trying to do more home cooking this week, trying to spend time stretching and meditating and being physical by cleaning... seriously, the amount of dust in this place is ridiculous. And don't ask me about the miles of hair I liberated from my vaccuum...

This week is another begin-again. Putting on that pair of jeans and, while I was able to button them, feeling how tight and uncomfortable they were... yet another reality check.

My boss has been on this kick of employee events at work to bring everyone together and have fun and become more unified as a team. Of course, being the cynical introvert that I am, I scoff at most of her ideas but I still participated in the Christmas Cookie Exchange. Fear not, readers, as I ended up throwing out most of the cookies I got back. I seriously think I got shafted, because honestly, most of them were kind of gross. Dry, brittle, flavorless, and in once case the flavor started out amazing but I was left with a bunch of coffee grounds in my mouth. I also participated in the Secret Santa. I made Gwen a beaded ornament in her favorite color, and Sabrina (whom I often refer to as the flip-side to my coin) bought me a book she'd been telling me about for ages. I didn't go to the crafty night because I couldn't coordinate with my sister to bring my niece. Now that the holidays are over, and the boss has taken a week off to tend to her own health, she has determined that at some point this month we're going to have some kind of Get In Shape event where no one is allowed to bring treats to work to share. *lol* It gets out of hand, seriously. Anyway, I'm game. Everyone said it wouldn't be fair because they know I guzzle water (ask any of my coworkers about the gallon jugs in the fridge) and always have apples and cheese and salads in my lunches. I think it won't be fair because I'm the only one with a hormone problem that causes me to GAIN weight. It's common knowledge that working for us means you will lose weight. Many team members exclaim over how they had to buy belts because their pants are now falling down around their ankles. I'd love to put Spark trackers on all my TMs just to see how many miles we collectively walk... or run, in some cases. *lol* Anyway, I'm the only one that didn't experience this magic phenomenon. They've managed to lose weight without altering their eating or "me-time" lifestyle. I have to severely limit my food intake to do the same.

So there I be. Making a commitment to myself to mind my Ps and Q's. I'm not going to run out and buy a gym membership, or go freeze my nips off doing dangerous things in negative wind chills. I'm not going to strip my kitchen to bare bones and only fill it with quinoa, kale, and carrot sticks. I'm just going to keep gently and insistently reminding myself to make the better choice. If I'm sitting on the sofa all day working on my cross-stitch I need to get up and stretch on the regular, and limit my food choices. If I'm craving something substantial and bad for me, I have to balance it. Kind of like that commercial i keep seeing about kids finding balance in their food choices.

I also need to remind myself that I don't need a workout buddy. If I can't go out with someone else I have the bad habit of not going at all. Baby, bathwater, etc. For someone who really doesn't like people I sure get clingy when it comes to getting fit. *lol*

Well, whatever happens, I'm sure if I have a need for it, the Universe will poke me in the arm and point to where I can find it.
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