2015 - The Year of Small Changes

Sunday, January 04, 2015

The weight started creeping back this past year. My boyfriend B moved in May of 2014. Soon after, we both wound up with mono and were stuck on the couch for months recovering. We also both work from home on the computer all day, which is not conducive to being very active. Needless to say, 2014 was a rough year. While I don't think I've been particularly unhealthy in eating, I've definitely been eating too much and sitting too much. Not a good combination!

Because of all this, I now weigh 243, which I'm considering my starting point. I know I previously had a 50 pound weight loss and managed to maintain most of that loss for a few years. But I don't want this to just be another chapter in that journey. I am a different person than I was when I started. This weight creeped on for different reasons, and I have different goals and plans this time. So, old progress pictures and such has been deleted. This is a new year and new SparkPage.

I don't normally like New Year's resolutions, especially when it comes to weight loss. But this time I also came down with a stomach bug that sidelined me during the holidays. It sucked, of course, but I've been slow to return to my regular eating schedule. Because of that, I figured I'd take advantage of my recuperation (and inability to eat much) to start making some small changes.

I'm taking it day by day. Upping my water intake. Using the new mini-blender I got from Christmas to make protein smoothies and incorporating those as snacks or mini-meals. And I'm trying to stay under the max calories range of 1890 (SP set) the majority of this week. Counting Friday as the starting point, I have managed 2 out of 3 days so far.

I am going to try to stretch out this week, but exercise is going to have to come along slowly. I am extremely out of shape and I usually wind up with back, hip, and knee pain anytime I've tried to start exercising. So small food changes are the goal for January.

More to come soon!
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