Look what my BFF made for me!!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

One of my very good friends, (well, she's actually my accountability partner), made this set of workout cards for me. She took a deck of cards and labeled them this way: Heart=Cardio, Diamonds=Core, Spades=Legs, and Clubs=Arms. On each card on 3-4 different exercises that target that area. You the shuffle the deck, and then, divide the deck up into 4 even stacks (about 13 in each). Next, you draw a card from the first stack and choose one of the exercises listed and do that many. For example: 5 of clubs-do 5 push ups or bicep or tri cep curls, put that card back and choose the next card. Face cards-20 reps. Jokers are your choice.The goal is to be able to complete all 4 stacks. She did the whole stack in about 25 minutes. So it's actually a great workout when you are short on time. And, since you have 3-4 moves on each card, you can mix it up any way that you want. I'm going to try it today and see how many stacks I can get through and how long it takes me. What a great friend that will take the time to make these for me. It's part of our monthly challenge. Each month one of us comes us with a challenge, this is what she came up with. We must do this in addition to our regular workout, at least 3 times a week.
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