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Improving Me in 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So the past several years I have not been one to make or promote New Years Resolutions. I feel as though we should never wait to make changes - not until the new year, next month or even Monday - we should always start right away.

That said, for some reason, I have felt as though I need to write down some "plans" for this upcoming year. I just need to see it on "paper" vs thinking it through in my mind. My mind is busy. I am a full time working mother of two young children. My husband is about to enter his last semester of nursing school, while working full time and being a full time father. We are about to put my children into daycare, which aside from three partial days, is a first for me. We plan to list our home and start house-hunting. We plan to start my daughter in pre-school and some activities. All of those thoughts running through my mind whether they are big or small. I am always thinking.

So, I will consider this my "paper" and here are my goals. Some are big. Some are small. Some will be easy to accomplish. Some will be very challenging. These are them nonetheless.

Relationships (Husband, Kids, Other)
I will not yell. Ever.
I will not swear. Ever.
I will hold my kids at least once a day.
I will tell my children something positive about them every day.
I will visit my dad once per month.
I will not speak bad of other people to anyone other than my husband (limited).
I will not use technology while my children are awake unless it involves them.

I will run a 5K in sub 22 minutes.
I will run a full marathon in sub 4 hours.
I will do 2 monthly challenges each month for the year.
I will reach 15% body fat.
I will weigh 115#.
I will reach a BMI of 20.5.

I will get rid of our microwave.

I will brush my teeth 2x daily.
I will rid my home of any summer clothing too small on me on July 1st 2015.
I will rid my home of any winter clothing too small on me on January 1st 2016.
I will continuously work on de-cluttering our home.


There we have it. Wow. Seems like a lot, yet every single one of those goals are so important to me that I do want to keep them on my list for 2015.

I do not yell a lot. I do yell. Most often it is when my kids are beyond frustrating and I am stresses. I know I should not ever yell and I do not want to. Yelling makes me feel bad and I know it makes my kids feel bad. I will make a verbal promise to my children today that I will never yell again. Instead, I will take deep breaths and refocus my mind enabling me to better find a plan that helps them learn and me calm down. My husband and I only getting into fights where we are actually yelling maybe 1 time a year. This is unnecessary as well. There are other solutions and I will use them.

I am also not one to swear a lot. I really do not swear much around my children, but again, occasionally in frustration, it slips. I do not like this and I feel bad about this. My children do not need to hear negative words. I do not need to use them. The English language has an abundance of wonderful words. I need to use those instead.

That leads me to telling each of my two children something positive about them each day. I do tell them good things. I do not do this EVERY day. I need to verbalize the words when I think them.

I need to hold each of my kids. It is easy with my youngest (19 months) as he is very needy and wants to be held often. My 3.5 year old daughter is not needy and very independent. There are days when I do not every pick her up and hold her. I need to hold each of them daily.

I need to visit my father in the nursing home at least once per month. I have got off track this last year and we have been exceptionally busy. He needs visitors and I need to be seeing him. My daughter did so well visiting him this last time and she does need to know her Grandpa Paul. Once per month I will stop in regardless of length of time I stay.

I will not speak bad of others. I left the "except to my husband" in there because I do feel that everyone has a frustrating day on occasion and there does need to be an outlet. I will do my best to keep this to a minimum as my husband does not need to hear all negative either. I would like to claim I will not speak negative at all, ever, but I need to also set realistic goals. One step at a time. Happy thoughts.

I will run a 5K in sub 22 minutes. When I was running regularly, I did reach times of 21:XX. I would like to be there again. I was physically fit and I felt good. This is a must.

I will run a full marathon in sub 4 hours. I have signed up for, and paid for, the Charlevoix Full Marathon for June 27th. This is my first, so I suppose this goal is questionable. I will complete the run. Ideally I would like to see under 4 hours, but honestly, this is one of my questionable goals. I am just not certain what I am capable of doing in the next 5.5 months.

I will reach 15% body fat. This is a stretch for me, but it is a goal I would like to achieve. My scale, this morning said 30% body fat, but I do know that just the other day it also said 25%, so it varies based on many factors. 15% may be extreme, but I want this and I need this. I run a high risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, and much more based on my family history. I have really slowed down since having kids, which I said I would never do, and I need to turn this around before it is too late. Now is the time.

I will weigh under 120#. Same as above. Some may say this is extreme. I am currently at 133.8# as of this morning and that is a "healthy weight" based on BMI. I have been 115#-117# before and I know that it is where my body is at its best and it is where I feel the best.

I will reach a BMI of 2015. This fits with my weight goal. I have been here before. I know how I feel. This is what I want.

I will get rid of our microwave. I know these are bad. Ours is bad. It is old and I am sure it is harming our health. We do not really use it often anyway and I feel that if we can replace it with a convection oven, we will be a lot better off. There are plenty of ways to warm food without a microwave. I need to start practicing this.

I will brush my teeth 2x daily. Sounds silly. And gross. I used to be METICULOUS about my teeth brushing numerous times a day. I have great teeth. No cavities. As of the past 6 months or so I have been slipping. With our lifestyle, I am exhausted so the last thing I want to do at night is get up and brush my teeth. Yuck, I know. Lately I have been skipping it far too much. Two times minimum!

I will rid my home of any clothing too small on me on July 1st 2015. This was a goal I actually set for myself post-partum. I said, "I will get rid of anything too small for me one full year out from having my son." That did not happen. I did pair down, but I still have SO many clothes that do not fit. I still have the goal for them TO fit (see above). I want them to fit. I WILL wear them if they fit. I need to make them fit and I will. If clothes do not fit come summer, buh bye. Six months is more than enough time to lose #12-#15 pounds so the time frame is more than fair.

I will continuously work on de-cluttering our home. I know this should be written better, but I do not know how to word it to make it a better goal. Over the past 6 months or so I have been working hard at this. We have sold a lot of things. We have given away a lot of things to family and friends. We have donated a lot of things to resale shops. We need to do more. I stand in our basement and look around and we just have so much stuff. When I go through the bins, there are things I want to keep (mostly kids clothes for a potential 3rd child), but I just need to wrap my head around the idea that I do not need to keep it all. I feel I am good at this - better than many. I feel I need to work on this as well. Minimalistic attitude.

So, that is my list for now. I will probably add to it. I feel I need some form of better nutrition guidance, but I do not know exactly what goal I can realistically make and stick to. I need something that we are not already doing and something that is realistic. Thoughts are still flowing. I may be editing.

How about you? Are you making New Years Resolutions? What are they?

EDIT: So I am already editing to add my stats, because although I do not rely solely on numbers, I feel it is important to note where I start and my progress along the way.

Age: 31
Height: 63"
Weight: 133.8#
Body Fat: 30.0%
Body Water: 51.3%
BMR: 2327
Metabolic Age: 30
Bone Mass: 4.8#

I will be editing again to add measurements. The above is just what my scale provides.

I have added in 2 more goals.
1. I will not use technology when with my children unless they are involved. This is something I have started working on. I always feel bad for the children of parents who are on Facebook or using other social media / playing video games while their children are in need of their attention. Although we are not gamers and we really try to give our kids optimal attention, I feel I can do better in terms of staying off of Facebook. Surely I can make it until bedtime at 8/9p without checking to see who said what. :)

2. I will complete 2 monthly fitness challenges per month. This shouldn't be bad. Today is day 5. I do one challenge in the morning and one at night. This morning I had some type of GI thing, so will do both at night. Good so far and my abs are feeling it! Can't wait to see what they look like after just one month! :)
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    Great goal! I live in MI too (Battle Creek).
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