My almost 3 week Plateau

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'm feeling pretty bummed. Today is the 20th day I've been at the same weight. Some days I'm a bit higher but not lower. It's so frustrating. I just want it gone.

I'm trying to evaluate why I'm not losing weight. When I look at my FitBit I am finding that I have only gone over 5000 steps once in the past few weeks so even with working out this week I'm pretty much sedentary. Well that's not going to make the weight go anywhere.

I also am not tracking food. I am trying to eat healthy and a lot of snacks and meals are but I'm drinking some calories and I have no idea what my calories on are. I also snack a lot whenever I wake up to feed the baby and even if it's healthy I think I'm doing it because I'm tired not because my body actually needs it. Once upon a time (prepregnancy) I was eating so healthy and was so hydrated I didn't need to count caleries; I could honestly just listen to my body and I'd get the right amount to maintain. I also worked out almost everyday either running or JNL Fusion, T25 or TurboFire. I am not doing that now, I just finally got my butt off the couch last Sunday night but like I discovered even with working out other than that I'm pretty much sedentary with no clue how many caleries I'm consuming.

I'm also down on myself which I'm sure makes a big difference. If I'm not positive and already living like I've achieved my success then how am I going to get there? I have do much to do but no energy to do it. I need to figure out my bills, put away laundry, clean the house, clean the fridge, meal plan and workout and eat healthy and all this while having a little guy who is attached to my hip. Everything is a mess; my car, my room, my bills, my clothes...everything. Me being messy is a clear sign that I'm not ok, my mood and motivation are extremely down if I'm letting these things go. Even when he's napping I still rarely get off my butt outside of working out.

So I can see areas of improvement that I need to make. So maybe i should take a second to be realistic. I know going back to work will help me time space my food and manage what I eat at least during the week for breakfast, lunch and snacks. It will have me on a schedule. It will also give me more of a chance to be up and around. I park across the street in a parade and am on the fifth floor of my building. So I can take the stairs to and from work. I can take breaks throughout the day and go up and down the stairs and use the stairs instead of the elevator when needing to go to meetings and such while at work. I can continue to use my FitBit. My sleep will start to be more on a schedule which will help whatever is going on internally. I bought some little notepads to put I my purse to write down everything I eat so I can enter it each day which will also help me be more accountable about these extra feedings. I also plan to write down my mood so I can monitor that as well.

I'm trying to be positive and I have to admit it's hard. I just needed to write it down and force myself to look at what I am doing or not doing that could be causing issues and lack of success.
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    I think the fact that you are aware of all the things you need to work on is the first step! Your body is still going through so many changes from the pregnancy and adapting to life as a mother I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Start focusing on one or two items you want to work on each week and in no time you will be where you want to be. You can do it!
    2303 days ago
  • MOJO0607
    Your body is still going through so many post-pregnancy changes, it isn't a wonder you are feeling a little out of sync with your pre-pregnancy self. With each of my pregnancies, I went through similar times, and I can only say-listen to your body and take care of you, as best you can.
    My little guy turned two in October, and I am still adjusting my schedule based on his needs and more frequently on his whims...LOL. The best part is you know what you want to change, so try tackling it one thing at a time. You can't stand how disorganized your space is? Make that a project. Once its orderly again (ar at least as orderly as it can be with a little one and all the stuff that goes along with him), it will be easier to maintain and you will feel better. Then move on to the next thing in the list. Just take it one step at a time, and in time it will begin to get better. I read an article that it takes most women about two years to rebalance their hormones and such after pregnancy, so be understanding with your body when it doesn't seem to want to do what you want it to do. You'll get there, and we are all here to cheer you on along the way.
    2303 days ago
    It's hard with a little guy. I used to workout while my son was in his swing (when he was really little) and as he grew I would put him in his playpen. I would plan it so I worked out roughly 20 - 30 minutes before his nap. Then he was liable to fall asleep in his swing. Some days it worked perfectly. And other days he wouldn't settle for me to work out.

    I also went for jogs in the jogging stroller. My son loved this. He got fresh air and I got a work out in. I learned that flexibilty is huge when having a child. It's hard but do-able. And I had to understand that some days work and others don't. Now that he is a bit older I attempt to work out in the mornings before he wakes up and before work. That way it's done. Some days he wakes up and I only get in 20 mins.

    Mainly I just want to say hang in there. Keep trying different things. But be flexible.
    2304 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    It sound like your off to a great start...just give yourself a break and keep trying...you had a big change...your little guy and its just takes time get back to normal...or rather get to a new normal...and you can do it emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2305 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4300142
    It is not easy but you can do it! emoticon It is great that you are on here the week before New Years, evaluating your goals and putting a plan in place to get you there, while most people are still too busy celebrating the holidays to pay attention. So you're way ahead of the game. You will get there, just keep going and don't give up! emoticon
    2305 days ago
    We all have big goals but when we are realistic about them, they can be attained. Seeing where you can improve your efforts is a great first step... now it's time to put them in place. And remember, exercising and eating right will only help you with the depression you are in.
    You got this.
    2305 days ago
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