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Sunday, December 28, 2014

This cropped up on my facebook feed this morning which I found quite interesting.

The most fascinating thing I found about the list was that many of the foods on my (o+) poison list were foods which either made me ill or that I simply didn't like. Is this a sign that there is some validity to the theory?

Since my initial excitement at this discovery, I have done some proper research and it actually seems that this chart stems from yet another fad diet, The Blood Group Diet devised by a Dr Peter D'Adamo. The diet itself, as with all these fad diets, is called out by the majority of nutritionists as a complete fallacy, but here's the thing... on the venn diagram of foods I will/won't eat vs foods this diet says I should/shouldn't eat there are an awful lot of items which fall in that little central cross-over place.

So whilst I won't follow this diet strictly, I may very well make a few changes to my diet on the basis of what is on the list.

EG: I have been having general issues with bread of late - the chart shows that both wholewheat and multigrain are not good for my type, so I will investigate others made from the grains and cereals it says are a little better for me.
I noted quite some time ago that I don't seem to digest dairy so well nowadays. I read somewhere that the enzymes create a lot of mucus, so as an asthmatic in remission I figured it was those enzymes affecting me. I have soya milk in the house anyway for my best friend in all the world ( a militant vegan) to drink when she visits - maybe it's time for me to step over to that too - or return to black coffee I guess.
I am not big on breakfast cereals - rather interesting then that there are no cereals on my nutritious list and that there are a few which are on my poison list!
I also find it quite interesting that I have so many vegetables on my medicinal list and very few fruits - I don't have a sweet tooth and will always choose extra veggies over fruit.

I don't know that of all the personal preferences I could have it's entirely possible to have such a long list of co-incidences so I think I'll work up a few action points off the back of this list and see where it gets me.

1. No more dairy.
2. Investigate my bread options - I tend to lean towards wraps nowadays - in fact a batch of tortillas only takes a couple of minutes to make so it seems far simpler that way.
3. Meat-wise, only beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, turkey, fish and seafood will occur in my diet.
4. To test section Q of the chart, meals to include more spinach and broccoli.

Those are small things which should make enough of a difference I think.

I generally don't follow what can be perceived to be a fad diet, but I just feel that the coincidence level of this one must give it some validity - besides, it's the fervour with which you approach it that makes it a fad diet I think, so as long as it's done sensibly there is no harm really.

Anyone come across this diet before and have any experiences they'd like to share?
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    Year ago...over ten, my naturopath recommended 'Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type" and I bought the book and followed it. I am an A+ so went vegetarian and did lose the 50 some pounds I wanted. The 'poison' foods like peppers and tomatoes have kept me from following it completely as I am not willing to delete them.
    My latest framework for choosing food is Dr. Fuhrman's GBOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds) inclusion in my daily meals.
    Like many things it works best for me to take what works for me. This includes food combining too. I have been dairy free for the past three years and do notice that it was a good choice.
    I feel when we educate ourselves about nutrition we can be our own best advocates.
    2127 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2015 5:08:31 PM
    I had looked into that too, and found some similarities as well.
    2129 days ago
    It's definitely worth trying out if it resonates with your innate wisdom. Science isn't always right - we have to tweak it a bit.

    2129 days ago
    interesting..... i will be looking into this ... thank you.
    2133 days ago
    Keep on keeping on!
    2133 days ago
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