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this is the blog i meant to post yesturday.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

this is the bloog i had originally intended to writ yesturday but with not sleeping the night before was too tired.still tired really so i have just copied and pasted the next paragraph from one of my team threads that i am on.

been feeling down with lotfi and the ayman being away,the knee hurting with the cold etc etc so last night i was feeling really down and didn´t fancy cooking(as you know i have to cook everything from scratch because of zakariya)i don´t know what was up with me last night but my brain must have been switched off.i ordered take out pizza margarita and chicken wings thinging wouldn´t be too bad as i made a salad to go with the pizza and we were sharing it.but like an idiot forgot to ask if there was egg in the pizza dough.as i said brain must have been switched off.zakariya never questioned me either as he knows the very rare occassion we have had a take out i have asked.you guessed top allergic reaction,must use epipen and go on emergancy medizine for his asthma.couldn´t sleep good last night as kept checking up on him.one point i thought he had stopped breathing and shook him till he woke up lol.asi said a feeling i wouldn´t wish on my worst enermy if i had one.anyway i wont be doing that in a hurry.i have to try and come up with a better way of dealing with things than food.so hopefully when i have everything clear in my head will be posting a blog.in the meantime have posted a short bllog on my latest NSV

well this is my plan of action i have come up with.

#do more planing and preperation work so that when i feel like i did the other night there is always something on hand that i don´t have to order take out,.as much as the occassional break would be nice it is totally not worth it by a long shot

#start doing streaks

#no soda-this i have tried so often in the past.the longest strek for no soda is 9 months,4 days.
i am now on day 2 of my new streak.

#eating at least 90%healthy food.no streak best for this
i am now on day 2

ithink that should be enough to go on with.i am not going to stress out over the amount i eat or my weight at the moment just on the quality,once that is once again a habbit i will then control portion.

also to less stress i am not going to do my weekly weigh in till the start of blc 27.

also want to start doing 3 things to be grateful for a day.take family house food water etc as a given to be thankful for.here i my onesfor today well yesturday

#grateful zakariya is still alive
#grateful for modern medicine
#grateful for this scare as it helped me to reassess now and not wait till new year.

thing to do list
#clean fridge and freezer emoticon
#do a food plan(did one till monday) emoticon

my nana always said when anything bad happens we should always look for the good as every cloud has a silver lining.in this case my silver lining is my wake up call and reassing my presant position on this my healthy lifestyle journey.

thank you if you have taken the time to read this to the end,it is much appreciated.thank you also for all your support over the last few years.

take care and keep smiling
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