Letter to Myself in 10 Weeks

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dear Self,

I've joined a challenge on SparkPeople. A biggest Loser challenge that will end Feb 18. Perfect timing as when I found out I was pregnant and that my due date was 11/9 that I'd lose all my baby weight and be back in my prepregnancy weight by valentine's day. At that point in my life I was only a month shy from my maintanence of my previous years success and clean life habits. Working out was a way of life that made me feel good and helped my maintain tone and wright aa well as managed my anxiety. My clean eating gave me energy and also helped me balance mood and life. I was passing these qualities and habits to my little girl. Who would know that veggies would make me feel queesy and only processed carbs would help calm my stomach. I thought term two would lead me back to my healthy habits and it started to but my sweet tooth went craving and veggies didn't fill me up. So my precious assumptions that I'd have no issues keeping within the range of 25 to 35 pounds turned into 58 pounds. So now I am a a little more than what I weighed when I started my wright loss/get healthy journey two years ago.

Enough about that, here I am now ready to still hit my goal. As of today, 12/14/14 I'd need to lose 36 pounds to hit my prepregnancy weight. My actual goal weight is 135 so my weight loss goal is 28 pounds or to at least fit in my clothes so I'm not stuck buying new clothes on my very limited budget.

*Along the way I want my balance back. I want to be able to sell our home in 2016 for more room but I need to get debt paid off and get money saved so I want to get my budget in order and organized. It would help the weight of my shoulders.

*I want to be able to run a mile without stopping again. And to walk/run 5k in 40 minutes at least.

*I want to start Piyo with my friends Beachbody online group January 1 and to complete it

*I want to be back to drinking a minimum of 8 cups of water today, trying new recipes, eating clean/er, logging in everyday, feeling less stress.

*Taking care of myself and my family.

I realize some of these goals are measure able and specific while others aren't but I know what I mean, I know where I was and where I want to be again. I know my priorities and I will get you there again. Ten weeks.

Have a great new year, birthday, return to work and Valentines Day. Check in:)


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