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Lost Blog: I spend most of my money on bikes and beer. The rest I just waste! - deleted sections

Saturday, December 13, 2014


During the five years that I have been on SparkPeople, I have composed several blogs, that for one reason or another, I never posted. I have decided to post a few of the "Lost Blogs".

The following lost blog is really the lost introductory sections of a blog I posted on August 12th 2014 called: I spend most of my money on bikes and beer. The rest I just waste!


Of course, these three introductory sections are long enough to be a stand-alone blog.
-----------------------Start of Lost Blog ------------------

Part 1: Beer and Bikes

I like fast bikes and good beer. I have read that biking is good for you. The more bike riding that you do - the better. I have also read that a few drinks a day lowers your LDL cholesterol. Bike riding may shrink the waistline. Beer may expand the waistline. At the end of the day, it is a push!

I am primarily a mountain biker. However, I have enjoyed road cycling. But I am much more afraid of careless drivers on the road than I am of rocks, roots, rivers, trees and cliffs.

I live in Colorado, which has more bicycle shops and microbreweries per capita than any other state. (Note: California has more bike shops and microbreweries than Colorado. However, California has a larger population than Canada. The math works against the Golden State.)

I am a 4th generation Colorado native. I lived in San Antonio, Texas, for a few years. I also lived in rural Maryland for a couple of years. I then moved back to Colorado.

Since I have to watch how much beer I consume, I buy only the best beer I can find. I like locally brewed Colorado craft beer. I am now compelled to apologize for one of Colorado's largest exports, which is Coors Light. I am also apologetic that the best craft beer brewed in Colorado rarely leaves state. The inconsiderate people of Colorado drink the good stuff and ship trainloads of swill to the rest of the country.

Tommyknocker Brewing Company is located in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs. Idaho Springs has a rich mining heritage, which is why the name of the small brewery is clever.

Tommyknockers are mythical creatures that warn underground miners of danger by making knocking noises. Having paid my way through college by working in underground mines, I can tell you that knocking noises often precede cave-ins. When you hear the Tommyknockers, it is time to get the heck out of Dodge!

Part 2: Dirt Rag

There is a mystical, almost spiritual, connection between bikes and beer. Dirt Rag magazine, which is the scripture of mountain biking, reports on the merits of obscure brands of mountain bikes and craft beer.


Even Bicycling Magazine, which is slick and professional compared to the raw and hilarious Dirt Rag, has articles on good craft beer.


Part 3: The Mile High State

Colorado has the highest average elevation of all 50 states. I am not referring to the legalization of recreational marijuana. (Which I still think is a bad idea!) Colorado also has bazillion miles of mountain bike trails. The Epic Colorado Trail runs 500 miles from Denver to Durango.

The Epic Buffalo Creek, which is right next door to my house. I like the trail called "Big Loop" that is 26 miles of sweet single track.


The Fruita Colorado trail system is a destination for riders from all over. Note: The International Mountain Biking Association that does the Epic Trail designation is based in - you guessed it - Colorado.


If want a change from riding in Colorado, I drive to Utah and hit up Moab or Park City.

Moab is best done late spring or early fall because it gets hot! This is almost a day trip for me.

Park City, Utah, is a lot like where I live in terms of altitude and trails.

Park City has the-one-and-only IMBA Gold level epic trail, which is called "Park City Epic".

This trail is rated as a black diamond or "Very Difficult".

Although Utah is not known for beer production, Uinta craft beer is one of my favorites.


Part 4: Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes (Note: This is first part of the blog I posted on August 12th)

I just have to face facts. I am a mountain biker.

-----------------------End of Lost Blog ------------------

I didn't post these first three sections in August because I thought the flow was choppy. These sections really have no central theme. I tried unsuccessfully to fix these sections and make the ideas flow seamlessly with Section 4: Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes. In the end, these three Lost Blog Sections were really about mountain biking culture and, to a lesser extent, the cycling culture in general. The last four sections of the blog I posted on August 12th were about my personal experiences with mountain biking. I just cold not hammer fit the two subjects together. However, when I looked at the biking culture sections as a stand-alone subject, I thought these sections hung together reasonable well.

Some of my Spark Friends noticed that the title of the August 12th blog did not really fit the subject, which had no reference to beer. I just liked the title for it speaketh the truth.

Thanks for reading my (lost) blog.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "Beeeeeerrrrrr!!" quoting the Brownies from the 1988 movie "Willow" just before they dove into the bucket. Come to think of it, that was probably swill they were drinking. Oh well, no accounting for the taste of Brownies.... emoticon

    I like local craft beers too. I rarely buy anything else. I do not buy swill, not from Colorado or anywhere else. We have a couple of very nice little local craft breweries here in Akron, namely Thirsty Dog (http://thirstydog.com/) and Hoppin' Frog (http://www.hoppinfrog.com/) (Hmmm... these are both named after animals. I wonder what that means?) You should try them if you ever come out this way. There is also Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland. (https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/
    home) I actually don't care much for Great Lakes, but they are very popular. Actually, I'm not even sure if Great Lakes qualifies as "craft" anymore. They might be too big.

    I have tried Tommyknocker's fall pumpkin ale, which I thought was pretty good. I had never seen it before here, but I hope the stores will carry more of it. All this talk of beer is making me want to go home and drink one. emoticon

    How many miles do you need to ride to work off one beer?
    1592 days ago
    So this blog is like your version of that Julie Andrews song from "The Sound of Music" except for you it is bikes and beer, not "whiskers on kittens". I think biking and beer are a great combination of favourite things (mind you, not at the same time! Particularly at that altitude with the cliffs and rocks and what-have-you). The two things strike a nice balance. Those Utah bike trails are absolutely stunning. And thank-goodness you found a local beer that was worthy, otherwise you'd have to skip Utah altogether! :)

    I rarely drink, but my favourite beer is Polish (Tyskie Gronie). My favourite vodka too, come to think of it. I wonder what the trails are like in Poland ...
    1594 days ago
    1594 days ago
    Great blog, Bruce. I like my beer, too and I run, cycle and swim so I can have another. Also, I've written a few blogs, which didn't quite feel right, so I didn't post them. We have so much in common, I admit I was surprised that you;re not for legalized marijuanja. My DW isn't either, we both cancelled out each others vote in Florida recently on that very subject. I tell her that it's kind of hypocrical for the gov't to allow cigarettes, beer and other intoxicants, but forbid the use of MJ. And, surprise surprise, I don't use the stuff myself. I tried it, like a million years ago, but didn't like the out of control feelings it gave me. Anyway, kind of cool we don't agree on everything. Take care, Bruce and thanks for supporting me, you are a real inspiration to me. Hope you're recovering well.
    1594 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Rarely .... RARELY do I read thru a blog that has something to do about anything bike ... and not really pay attention to said bike portions.

    But this one .... beeeeerrrrrrrr! And not crap beer either.

    Though I am gonna take exception to the per capita thing - I think *gasp* Vermont took that title in 2013? I think for cities, Portland, OR gets the nod. I see a biiiigggg discussion on this in our future haha.

    Though I will grant you ... that Tommyknocker's look pretty good. (Though I am still lusting for after a First Cast.)

    And like your Coors ... we have freakin Rainer ... blech. Whatcha gonna do right? I just figure if enough others drink the swill, it leaves the good stuff for us.

    (And I will say that the beer that come's up on Bicycling Mag was from Deschutes Brewery, who in it's infancy had something to contribute...they are getting to be more of a macro now I think.)

    My Go To beer is Laurelwood's Workhorse IPA
    1594 days ago
    My husband would love this blog! Especially the beer part!! We have friends in Park City. Maybe we will travel out there sometime. It all sounds beautiful.
    1594 days ago
    Enjoyed your blog and loved the pictures. Some day i hope to get to Utah. I am hoping to visit Young Living's lavender farm someday. Keep biking and posting more beautiful pictures.
    1594 days ago
    You know Bruce, I just love reading your blogs! Not only are they educational, but very entertaining as well. I'm sure you have been told that you should write a book, and you should. I think your stuff really is that good. Perhaps there is a niche in something to do with Colorado tourism. Anyway, I enjoy your blogs. Cynthia
    1594 days ago
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