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Thursday, December 11, 2014

I started back on Spark in April after my fasting blood sugar showed I was pre-diabetic. Today I went to my doctor's appointment and my fasting blood sugar was down to 94! Not pre-diabetic. Blood pressure 122 over 82. I told my doctor I thought I was doing pretty good for a fat little old lady! He laughed (he thinks I'm funny, which is one of the reasons why we get along...) and insisted I was neither old nor fat, although we both knew he was kinda lyin'; but the reality is I am a lot healthier than I really deserve to be.

I have not lost much weight (3 pounds) since I was last there, but I am not very surprised. I am feeling tighter and stronger and my clothes are loose. I am committed to going back to strict calorie counting once we get past Christmas; yes, I know, this is a bit of a cop-out, but I know I don't have the commitment right now. I am making ok food choices, keeping my exercise up (for me, at least 10K steps per day), and I don't expect I'll gain weight, but I know that I am on overload at work and home and will not stick to it right now.

I am worried about the dark cold months, but so far I am keeping my steps up. I hope that I will be able to get through to spring, glorious spring, when I can hike outside again!!

So I am ready for the holidays, in the sense that I have decided to coast. And I will do better in the New Year. But tonight I am reveling in the fact that I AM NOT PRE-DIABETIC ANYMORE!
Here is a nice photo of the park I often walk/hike in Thanksgiving week-end.
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    Better late than never with the comments.

    Way to go on the doctor's visit! You have done fantastic and should be very proud of the year you've had.
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    2294 days ago
    THAT is awesome!! WTG!!!!!!!
    2300 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    emoticon That is such good news! Also your honesty is great! The fact that you are waiting until the new year to put more changes in place is an honest admittance. You have obviously made some great changes already for your health to have improved and baby steps sometimes get you there quicker than trying to jump the canyon in one leap! Keep up the good work!
    2311 days ago
    Hi Lisa!

    First and foremost......WOOOOOOHOOOOOO on the FANTABULOUS Health Report! That is such great news and such a wonderful accomplishment. You know what Lisa....that news is even better than hearing you are down a pound or two. Sure...your fitness and weight loss has made this happen but the NEWS you shared this morning is super wonderful!

    I really LOVE how TRUE you are to YOURSELF! This is your program, not ours! You are in charge and you have to do what works for you. Giving yourself permission to COAST through Christmas is a far better way of doing things, that beating yourself up for every bite you take, feeling guilt, remorse, disappointment. You are not throwing in the towel, you aren't planning a giant binge, you are intending to maintain your weight during the Christmas Season. I am proud of you for knowing your person well enough to take things in stride!

    2311 days ago
    Congrats! Sometimes, just focusing on getting your water in, moving a bit each day and getting fruits and veggies is really all you can ask yourself to do. Small things add up.
    2311 days ago
    I am so excited for you! Love it when the hard work pays off & this is an especially rewarding victory. Kudos to you!!!
    2312 days ago
    I love blogs with good news. And yours has such amazing news! Diabetes is a horrible illness. Someone I know from here has diabetes. She is currently dealing with foot ulcers and blood poisoning. I was so upset by this news that I googled diabetes and spent a good two hours reading up on this illness. Did you know that foot ulcers are the first step towards gangrene and a worse-case-scenario amputation? And that amputations are fairly common? I did not know and I am horrified. I am so happy that you had the strength and the will (and probably the support) to walk and hike and eat yourself away from this threatening medical condition. Sorry to be a bit of a downer, but I just found out yesterday that this was going on and I am still freaked. I had no idea how serious diabetes could be. I know, stupid, right? Anyway, keep up the good work, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity!

    I hope you have a great Christmas holiday with family. I am not going home this year. I will be staying here with my cat. She and I are going to have tuna and watch 1940s musicals. In order to help the holidays pass by slightly faster, I have signed-up for gym-time on December 24th and 25th and on January 1st. I am usually with my family over the holidays so I need to distract myself from the fact that I am stuck here! I might even go to a free screening of Die Hard (that notorious Christmas action flic) on Christmas eve at the local "arty" movie theatre. We'll see.

    It is cold and dark here too. And I find myself struggling more than usual to reach my fitness goals. But nothing in the world can be as cold and dark as having an illness. Nothing! So, I am going to put aside my self-indulgent angst, and I am going to march out into that snow in 30 minutes, I will make sure to get my darned exercise and I will simply feel incredibly thankful that I can do it.

    Thank-you again for this wonderful news of yours. I am so happy for you.
    2312 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14566395
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    2312 days ago
    Lisa, that is wonderful news! What relief you must feel to have gotten out of the pre-diabetic zone! And it was through your own efforts! Sometimes I forget that I actually have control over what's happening to my body, and your blog today was a good reminder. With all your hiking and steps, I can see why you're feeling that your clothes have gotten looser. To cite a cliche, muscle weighs more than fat! I need to shift the balance a little bit in the muscle direction myself!

    I am with you about the holidays--for now, I'm just going to coast, too, enjoying the food and fellowship and thinking more seriously about tracking and all that after everybody leaves and things are not quite so hectic. Let's have fun these holidays, and if we can just keep from gaining very much, that will be a big accomplishment. Thanks for this joyful blog!
    2312 days ago
    Step by step one day at a time...

    God bless,

    2312 days ago
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