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I hate my BFF right now.....

Friday, December 05, 2014

Ever have one of them friends that is so positive that is just sucks you in??? Well that is my BFF, in fact we are so close that I really look at her like a sister. So this all started yesterday when I get a text from her telling me to go read her blog. I log onto Spark and go to her page only to see a blog titled "I hate my bestie right now" WHAT?!?!?!

She brought tears to my eyes and I click into it and worry about what I possibly could have done from 3000+ miles away for her to "hate" me! Then I read her blog and she doesn't really hate me after fact from reading it she is more thankful that I'm back on Spark and helping her to stay motivated. See we are doing the C25K program together and on the same week. Before she would run here and there and talk about doing a run a month. I knew that she wanted to get her time better and heck who am I fooling I just wanted to finish something I set out to do. So I dragged her into this program with me.....yes I did that from 3000+ miles away. LOL

However what she doesn't know is that as much as I push her along and as much as she may not like me, she does the same for me. This week has been a HARD one for me. I wanted to quit so many times. (darn week before TOM hits me is always my worst!) So it was her daily check ins, her posting her times, her talking about her runs that pushed me to do day one yesterday and will push me to do day 2 tonight after work.

So see this is why I "hate" her........

This was my week......

My week to de-rail.....

My week to let self defeat win and take over.....

How dare she text me and unknowing make me be accountable! HOW DARE SHE!!!

Well she did and that is why I don't like her right now....nope I don't like her at all. In fact I don't like her so much that I LOVE HER! If it was not for my BFF I would have let my destructive side win this week and I would have been SO mad at myself at the end. I would have wasted the last 4 weeks that have been so darn successful for me.

She saved me from myself and until she reads this she won't have any idea that as much as she "hates" me.....well the feeling is the same as I "hate" her back! XOXOXOXOXO

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