tuesday--end of a busy weekend!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

good morning! its the end of the weekend for me--rob has vacation days all the rest of the year so each weekend is now 4 or 5 days long. this last one was particularly eventful.
thanksgiving was good--very calm and relaxing. Wednesday we had a thanksgiving dinner at the nursing home with dad--it was very nice. he wasn't real talkative, but we met a lot of the other residents' families. on Thursday, I made a chicken in the pressure cooker, which turned out very nice. we had dressing and mashed potatoes--all the traditional stuff. we don't eat that way very often, but rob loves that kind of meal. he said the dressing was his favorite--I put cranberries, apples and walnuts in it. the chicken had cranberries and orange in it so the flavors layered nicely. so we had a very quiet day--Friday is when the fun really began! first rob bought a new table saw on wednesday. its a cabinet makers saw with a lot of bells and whistles. the only one on the market that has a mechanism that prevents accidental amputations of fingers. he figured now that he is getting older a little more protection is worth the investment. and it is a really good saw. we have several projects we would like to do that involve cabinetry and this will make that all work much better. I have some furniture projects up my sleeve too--but cabinets first!
so first we actually went out on black Friday morning to get one of the "door buster" items from menards. didn't stay long--just got what we came for and got away from the madness. stopped by Phyllis's kitchen store to see if she needed anything for Saturday's open house. turns out she did, so we went out again later after the black Friday insanity had dissipated.
then on Saturday--I went off at 7 to help Phyllis and rob later went up to collect his saw.
the open house was another madhouse--good in a way but also pointed out some serious kinks in Phyllis's organization. she had what has to be the biggest crowd ever--but due to some problems and conflicts, she ended up having to run the cash register by herself. add to that a new inventory system they are still learning and you have what turned into a 45 minute wait in the register line that persisted for 3 hours. fortunately most of her customers are local, and know each other and they all love Phyllis and want to help her succeed--so people did their best to be understanding. but she heard a lot of grumbling by the time they got to her to pay for their stuff. she is thinking hard about how to remedy this--and its not my area so I am not going to interfere too much. my area is the food.
she has a lovely table all set up with samples of all kinds of things that use the products she sells. these tables are meant to promote the individual items so it has to be obvious what food goes with what item. the table had been set up the day before by someone else, and I was tasked with filling all the dishes and containers. it worked to a point--people sampled LIKE MAD, but there was a lot of confusion over some of the items for sale--which product went with which food. yesterday I talked to her about maybe appointing a food person to take over everything to do with the snacks and products. have a funny feeling that person is going to be me. anyway--we had a lot of fun and she told me on Monday that I was the highlight of the day--which really surprised me. when I asked her why she said I was the only person who didn't loose their cool throughout the day and was upbeat and positive the whole time. I guess its the years of doing craft shows--those crazy busy times are lifeblood to craftspeople. you just put your head down and plow onward--keeping a smile on your face!
got home to see rob in the garage admiring his new saw. so sunday began the adventure of moving it to its permanent home--IN. THE. BASEMENT.
this saw probably weighs about as much as a small planet. first we cleared the way and moved all the spare pieces down separately to lessen the total weight. added to the overall adventure was the fact that if we had taken the saw all the way down to the final landing in the basement, we would not have been able to turn it in the space to finish the journey. kudos to rob the engineer for figuring this out ahead of time. sometimes I roll my eyes when I see him wielding that tape measure, but a lot of times it heads a problem off at the pass. this could have been a REALLY awful problem to with our plan in place and a platform on the landing to keep the saw higher up where the stairway opening was bigger, we strapped the monster to a heavy duty handcart and began. had to take a section of fence out to get it into the yard and up to the door (pulling that cart up even a couple of steps would have been impossible). got inside the door to the edge of the basement steps. fortunately the steps are right inside the door off of a good sized landing, and its a straight shot down the stairs. at that point there was nothing to do but see what would happen. determining that it would be a VERY bad idea for one of us to stand under the saw, we sat down side by side on the steps, each of us clinging for dear life to a handle on the hand cart. rolled it to the edge and THUNK. down the first step. we heard something break free and fall down the steps--after a moment of panic we determined it was a chunk of one of the steps. not the saw. whew. ready--one two three THUNK down another step. and on downwe went until we reached the platform on the landing. we spun the saw 90 degrees and then had to figure out how to get it off the landing--since it was about 18 inches up in the air relative to the basement floor. the platform we had rigged was part of an old door resting on the honeycombed Styrofoam packing from the box, so we slid the door off the Styrofoam until it tipped like a see saw and then like a ramp we guided the saw down. a couple foam floor mats to protect our new basement floor area and we were home free.
over the next couple days we finished the assembly on the monster and yesterday afternoon rob cut his first board on it. he is very happy with it and excited to use it--and I know it will make our projects easier because it is such a precise and well made saw.
he only works 3 days this week--I wonder what's next!
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  • EILEEN828
    You've been busy! Love that you guys got a new saw, how exciting. Take care. emoticon
    1784 days ago
  • JANET552
    Wow, that saw saga was something!! I'm glad it all worked out and I'm glad your past few days have gone well. It sounds like the two of you will be very busy in the weeks to come!
    1785 days ago
    Nice, newsy blog... Enjoy your day... emoticon
    1785 days ago
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