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Monday's Joke, this is a bit raunchy readers beware!

Monday, November 24, 2014

I was studying to become a HigH School Mathematics Teacher, but life can make your plans switch. I met my ex-wife, awesome step-son, Dominic and Buzz their Pup who needed me.

Well today's joke is about a Math teacher that thank goodness I did not become:

A math teacher and his wife were both 54 years old. One evening the wife came home and found a note from her husband. It said: ''My dear, you are 54 years old and there are some things you are not giving me, so I am at the Holiday Inn with my 18-year-old student. Don't bother waiting up for me.''

He returns home that night to find a note from his wife: ''You are also 54 years old and there are things I need that you're not giving me.

So I am at the Motel 6 with one of your 18-year-old students and you (being a math teacher) should know that 18 goes into 54 way more than 54 goes into 18..."

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