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Sharing the Trails in Nepal

Monday, November 24, 2014

I didn't take many videos in Nepal once I discovered they wouldn't download to my iPad. But when we got home I found the few I had taken still on the camera.

There are roads in the mountains of Nepal, to be sure, but hundreds of small ethnic villages can only be reached by walking for days. The trails that connect these villages are often nothing but stone steps, up and down, back and forth, following the contours of the mountains. Or not!

In "populated" areas we were on the same trails and footpaths that the local people use and have used for hundreds of years. We passed all sorts of villagers going about their daily tasks and dozens of children on their way to school. Without fail we were graciously greeted with a gentle and cheerful "Namaste".

We also shared the trails with cows, goats, and donkeys -- lots and lots of donkeys! Because if you think about it, everything that is not grown or made by the local people arrives on the back of either a human being or a donkey.

This video is of one herd of donkeys carrying goods and the bells they wear to warn pedestrians to MOVE OVER and share the road! I apologize for it being sideways.

More donkeys: yes, the trails were OFTEN this steep!


The baskets used by the local people to transport goods:

Our porters. The strap goes across their foreheads and the basket rests on their backs. Seems like a recipe for back and neck problems, don't you think?

Woman carrying a basketful of grass for her cow:

And, here's a guy carrying a table...must be for a restaurant, we decided....

Yes, of course the table is for a restaurant, because here comes 4 men carrying...a pizza oven!

I wonder how many miles they had to carry it? Thank you for letting me share some of the amazing moments of this trip with you!
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