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Veteran's Park in Arlington, TX

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm still working my way through exploring some of the parks and hiking trails around this area. Since Arlington alone has something like 77 parks this will take me a long time LOL. Some are bigger parks and some are small. Veteran's Park is especially dedicated to the Vietnam Veterans. It is pretty big for a park here, and has paved trails, two parking areas, and also has some hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. I think I read that this is only one of two Arlington parks that have the horseback trails. Arlington is part of the much lager Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, so that's just the part in Arlington and doesn't include any of the other cities here in the 77 parks.

I went last week on one of the good days we'd had to visit this. I'd been a couple of times before but not with my camera. I have my cell phone camera all the time but it's harder for me to take pictures with it. I like my regular digital camera with a viewfinder I can look through.

I went to the second parking lot to park, which is about 1/4 mile on the highway from the main entrance.

This is one of the paved paths leading from the parking lot up to a group picnic area in the second parking lot.

The area is kind of shaded but there are several picnic tables under this area, and a large grill at the top of the little rise from the parking lot. There are also several trails that lead off from this area to hike or ride.

This has the beginning of one of the trails. I didn't go down the trails this time, but have a couple of other times a little ways.

This looks down from a little behind the grill to areas below that are more wild and have the network of trails.

There is also a Disc Golf Course spread out over the park and this is one of the places by the picnic area. I've never seen disc golf played. It doesn't use a ball like regular golf and no regular golf is allowed there.

This looks down on that parking lot from up the little hill.

As I go back down to the parking lot and off to the left of the last picture is a xeroscape garden that I go through.

There is also a composting area there that I didn't go through. I would like to see some of these plants in the spring.

This is where the paved sidewalk joins the main one going past a pond and over to the first parking area and memorial.

Then up to the memorial. It was around noon so I had trouble getting anyplace where I could get a good picture because of the sun.

There are 2 rows of blocks from the outside of the circle leading up to the memorial and also blocks going around a lot of the circle with names of soldiers who died in the Vietnam war that were from Texas.

More group picnic area and also this parking lot.

There is a large grassy area in that area too with a wildflower area and also 3 different softball areas. Too many pictures to post LOL. The wildflowers are dried up right now because we've already had our freeze but I hope to see it in the spring.

Around this whole area is a paved walkway that continues. Altogether, the area just around that part of the park is about a mile, not including the xeroscape garden or the other parking area. Some people out but I imagine on weekends it's much busier. This was a weekday.

I took this picture of a sign looking back the way I came as I walked around the park. Horses are not allowed in the picnic/softball/wildflower area inside the walking track but are allowed outside the walking track in the park.

I went on up the small hill and then came to an area where the paved trail went on (which I did this time) but a dirt trail for hiking, biking, and horses branched off from it. I haven't explored that area yet but will. The hiking trail I went on during another visit went off from the other parking lot.

I continued around the park on the paved walkway. In a few areas I could look up and see parts of the picnic area.

Then I came to the end of that trail near the picnic area.

From there I didn't take any more pictures because I went back up the hill, back by the pond again, through the xeroscape garden and back to my car in the other parking lot. There is a lot to explore there!

Hope you have a great week!
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