monday--FINALLY got a real run in!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

good morning! well I finally got an outside run in--first one of the week on sunday. only did two miles but it was a major goal of the day achieved. I have been doing inside workouts all week because of the sudden cold (just not used to it yet and couldn't handle the idea of going outside). but I have been WANTING to run outside and sunday it was warmish and we managed to get to the park before the rain hit. it felt so good. my time was even decent considering. my knee was a bit upset by the ordeal, but this morning its fine. I get this thing--I know what its called but can't remember right now--its a pain that goes straight across my kneecap when I bend at the knee. makes going down stairs interesting. I have had it before--a couple days of wearing a knee brace usually takes care of it. this morning it seems to be fine. trying to decide between leslie and the treadmill since it is raining buckets this morning.
made the cookie dough for Phyllis's open house Saturday. I have a very nice chocolate thumbprint cookie recipe with ganache filling. as an experiment I made it once with orange peel in the cookies and Phyllis's blood orange balsamic finishing sauce in the ganache. YUM. she asked me to make a triple batch of small cookies to take to the openhouse, to help promote the finishing sauces. rosie is making a chicken salad with the cherry one. so I have a mammoth bag of chocolate cookie dough in the frig, waiting to be turned into cookies. I think I will bake them wed. so they only sit for a couple days before its time to serve them.
and I started on my tea tray!!! still working on the sides. its an irregular shape so I am using pieces of tile. the colors are ever so fun. I had planned on mortaring a small teapot and cups right to the surface, but now I am not sure I want to do that. will wait and see. my newly organized room is DA BOMB! its wonderful having my glass grinder right there handy, so I can grind the tiles to fit the curved edges on the tray. it also takes any sharp edges off, which is such a help. normally you go in after the piece is done and feel your way along and file anything that catches, this way I get a lot of that taken care of beforehand.
rob is hard at work on his woodworking area. we went and looked at the most awesome table saw. see--our plan over winter is to either build new kitchen cabinets or at least replace the doors and drawers. our cabinets are quite old and were not expensive so the carcasses are made of particle board, and I would really prefer to have plywood, since its stronger and should last the rest of the lifespan of the house. cabinetry is new to us--we built a couple cabinets last year and it was a steep learning curve for sure! but he ended up with a good result (no doors on them yet, but one door is made, just waiting to be assembled). one thing rob did learn is that the nice little contractor saw he uses, while a perfectly good saw for rough work, is not precise enough to make a series of straight, exact cuts without a bit of a struggle (it can be done, but it takes work). so he decided to look around at cabinet saws that might do a better job. we hit all the home improvement "ususal suspects" and weren't overly impressed with the quality of what they had to offer. so I said "lets go to johnsons workbench and look at theirs so we know what a really GOOD saw looks like for comparison". this is a store for serious hobbyists and professional woodworkers. most of the guys who work there are part timers who are also cabinet or furniture makers in their own right. I think they work there so they can buy their stuff at a discount.
so in we walk to see the single brand of saw they now carry (they used to sell a couple different brands). its called "sawstop". curious about the name we went home after browsing around and rob looked it up. the very next day we went back up there to talk seriously to them about the saw. this saw is literally like no other. the designer was concerned about saw accidents (which are legion) and developed a technology that prevents the saw from CUTTING YOUR FINGERS OFF. it's amazing. a table saw is a huge, powerful, scarey machine that needs to be treated with utmost respect. my friend, Dwayne, who is a contractor and no stranger to woodworking, cut off 2 of his fingers one day while sawing some scrap wood for the fireplace. these types of injuries can be life changing for someone who uses their hands in their work (one testimonial was from a dentist for example). this saw has a special brake that detects electrical charges that will result if human skin or non ferrous metal touches it. in a couple of milliseconds if the circuit is completed, the brake engages and the blade stops and drops down below the table. their famous demo involves shoving at a very high speed--a hot dog into the blade. the blade disengages so fast that only the very surface of the hot dog is nicked. its phenomenal. its also expensive--probably about 800 dollars more than a comparable saw. but what does a visit to the ER cost? and given the high numbers of accidents that happen like this, statistically it should be considered as possible. add to that it is a beautifully made saw--the model rob looked at is the non commercial cabinetry saw. it is for "hobby" woodworkers who don't make cabinetry or furniture for a living, but want to be able to do it on occasion. since we are redoing our kitchen and most likely our office in cabinets, I think we qualify. and I could see rob becoming interested in furniture building over time--he has the right kind of eye for it.
so I think this saw will be coming to our basement relatively soon. I also like the idea of him getting to know the very nice people that work at the store--they have a wealth of knowledge and seem to be eager to share with a "newbie".
have a great Monday!
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