Starting my Post Pregnancy Journey

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm back and ready for my journey. I gained 58 pounds during the last nine months and as of today I am down 13 pounds from giving birth and has some of the swelling go down leaving me about 45 pounds from my prepregnancy weight. My prepregnancy weight was 127-130 and ending weight was 185. I found towards the end of my first trimester that I liked the way my face looked better and at that point I had gained 10 pounds from eating mostly carbs due to it being the only thing that settled my stomach from morning sickness. Veggies made me feel awful which broke my heart since they were the biggest part of my healthy lifestyle before. So with the realization that I felt my face looked better at that point and just healthier all around that my goal weight should be closer to that. So my goal weight is around 135-137 making my current weight loss goal 37 pounds. Now give or take as its all about how healthy I feel and how the clothes fit and not the number of the scale but I still like tracking it.

I plan on tracking my mood, water intake, veggies and sleep on the start page. I will also be charging my FitBit tonight and begin wearing it tomorrow. I did my measurements right before I had him and wanted to take them again one week post pregnancy so I'll be doing that tomorrow and using that plus the way clothes fit to primarily judge this journey but will use the scale as well for now I need to start with basic steps and I know it even though I crave jumping all in. I will be leading up to doing Chalene Piyo as her TurboFire program was life changing for me. I also have JNL Fusion which I did right before I got pregnant and absolutely loved it. I need less cardiovascular and more strength training I find or else I get sickly looking. I am also breastfeeding/pumping which helps aid weight loss and helps my little man stay healthy like mommy:)

I will use SparkPeople for support as well as Instagram and Pinterest for continued ideas and motivation. I learned so much from my previous weight loss and am so excited to use what I learned and to reconnect with previous Spark Buddies to complete this journey.

Track steps-walking/jogging
One clean smoothie a day
Push up challenge
Spa myself at home weekly
Log in everyday
Build up to Piyo, JNL and running (exact schedule is to be determined based on healing time per doctor)

I can do this!!

Weekly weigh in
Weekly picture progress
Weekly measurements
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