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Kathleen's Guiding Principles of Self-Determination

Friday, November 14, 2014

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Dignity, Respect, and Love

ALL people have the right to be treated with dignity, respect, and love as part of their basic humanity, including those who struggle with obesity. That I am currently obese in no way diminishes those rights. I am a loving, intelligent, strong, generous, and beautiful woman of integrity, who has many talents and interests. Obesity is only part of who I am today. When I am no longer obese, I will be that same woman. STILL worthy of the same dignity and respect.

Choice and Control

As part of my crusade to remove the excess fat from my body, I have the ability to choose and control how I nourish and exercise my body. From this point forward, I choose to be healthy.


My relationships will be positive and nurturing, especially my relationship with food. It is essential that the people in my life support my efforts to be healthy by accepting gracefully when I decline second helpings, unhealthy foods and beverages, or invitations to events that might tempt me to ingest something that would undermine my efforts to separate from my fat. I retain the right to remove anyone from my life who violates this principle.

Giving and Community

I have the ability to give to the SparkPeople community and my SparkFriends in a meaningful way. As such, I will share my experience and knowledge with my SparkFriends, my SparkTeams and the SparkPeople Community in general. I will offer support when I can and cheer others on to success whenever I see an opportunity.

Dreaming AND Planning

All people have dreams for the future, but without plans, they will never become more than that. My dream is to live a long, healthy life, as free from pain and illness as possible. My plan to make that dream a reality begins with losing enough weight to have a healthy BMI via healthy nutrition and leading an active life that includes walking, jogging, hiking, and cycling. I will also rely on help from the people who love me and my SparkPeople Support Team when times get tough.

The Role of Professionals

Since I am obese and have been for a good portion of my life, despite my best efforts, it is apparent to me that I may need the assistance of professionals in understanding why I have been unsuccessful in making my dream a reality to date. That means I may have to consult a nutritionist, personal trainer, or even a counselor experienced with eating disorders to identify and overcome any obstacles to my success going forward.

Choice Has Limits

I will never resort to drastic and potentially damaging or dangerous measures to achieve weight loss. I promise never to starve myself or binge and purge. I promise never to use fad diets or unproven medications, with potentially life-threatening side effects to achieve my goal. When exercising, I promise to stop when I have reached my body’s limits and not risk injury.

Whatever It Takes

I pledge to myself that I will do whatever it takes to be healthy and strong again. “I can’t”, “I don’t feel like it”, and “I’ll start next week” are officially replaced by “What more can I do today to bring me closer to good health?” I am committed to my dream and ensuring it comes true.

Thank you for being my videographer, Dottie!

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