Run Richmond!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The time has finally come, I am running Richmond!

Now just to decide what to pack, the temp keeps changing. The temps right now average from 30 degrees to 45 degrees. Add 15 to 20 degrees for running. The best temp to run in according to most season runners is 39. Just the NYC was a couple of weeks ago, I think we will see a vast difference in clothing like this on Saturday

so what to wear, hmmmm well right now I am truly thinking it will be a running skirt and lots on layers on top! I think my legs will warm up quickly, at least I am hoping. I have some old sweats that I can wear until the gun, than toss aside! I will probably look like the Pillsbury dough boy in the beginning!

The support I have been getting from all you has warmed my heart, your belief insipres me. I run for a young man by the name of Bryce whose family is a special needs family and he has spent the week positng pictures to me!
Humor me for a few moments as I share some of them:

The support has come from far as well this is from my friend in Rome yes as in Italy!

Plus all of you that have place some encouraging words on my spark page and on my facebook page! All of my Diamonds in the Diamond Mine that shine so brightly upon me I love you and thank all of you.
This is the beginning and the end of one heck of a journey!
See you at the finish line! Lots more pics to come!
I am Richmond Ready! When I return I will also be a marathoner!

sassy out!

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