There are no *Before* Pictures

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I've come to believe there are no "before" pictures. Because there's no "after."

There's only now.

Today's now, and tomorrow's now to come.

So the weight I am today, is today. And even when I reach a goal weight, measurement, or other accomplishment, there will be no "reprieve." No "done." That kind of thinking is a set-up to hurrying toward a goal with the expectation that relief--the end of effort--is on the other side.

I'm more inclined to believe in behavior change than scales. What am I eating today? How, and how often, am I moving my body? The behaviors that take me toward my goals are the ones that I'll need to maintain even after reaching that marker.

Not some different, effortless "after." Just a healthier, hopefully easier, now.

I'm doing at 40 what I'll be doing at 60. And if I want a stronger, more fit, more fun future, I need to be about the business of doing that now. I need to live now as I intend to live "after." Tomorrow, today.

Here's to stronger food choices and more movement today. And the next day.
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