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Baby, it's cold outside/waters

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mercy. Mercy, Mercy, baby it's cold outside. Was only 8 when I went out to do chores this morning, thank goodness, the wind was not blowing 90 mph. It actually felt warmer than yesterday morning, when it was warmer but the wind was really blowing.

What a relief it is, yes hubby had turned the waters off instead of on. He went out later in the afternoon and they were all thawed out, and everyone had water again. He really felt foolish, and said lets just leave them on all the time so this doesn't happen again. I agree, it will be another thing we wont have to worry about. I mean really, they won't run in the summer, they are like little furnaces, when the water gets to cold they turn on and heat it back up, there forth no ice in waters. Now I have to do something for the Boys, Duke chewed the cord off his dish when he was a pup and last year I just gave him fresh water a couple time during the days, but he preferred the snow. I hate to spend $25. on a heated dish for them and have them chew it up.
Talking about Merlin, now that it is cold outside, he doesn't want to come in the house at all. Tried this morning and he just looked at me, and walked away. I do miss him coming in. Yesterday he came in after dinner and took his nap and then wanted right back out. Brought Sassy in after chores and fed her, now she likes it in here, nice and warm, and then she started to play. So I made her a new toy. Took some fleece and cut it in thin strips and tied them together and attached them to a stick with some string, and played with her for awhile, and found out she doesn't tire very fast. Hubby came home from coffee in town, and I asked him to take her back outside to the little barn, and to please move the lawn mare in with the other for the day. Now, he is not a cat person, thinks they are messy creatures,they pooped where he like to work on machinery, and really didn't want to pick her up, but in the end he did take her out and I didn't have to get all bundled up again. Such a push over, but do appreciate it.

The new insurance lady seems to know what she is doing, and has a great since of humor and got along great with hubby, and was able to figure out a new plan for your prescription drug coverage and save us a few dollars. But, because I WILL NOT go to Walmart to get our drugs it was a little higher. I think WalMart is trying to rule the world, and I won't contribute to them. So, I am staying with Walgreens and will pay a few cents more. I think it is terrible that we are having so many of our rights taken away from us. Thanks Obama!!!!!! Can't wait till he is out of the Whitehouse, he has done none of us any favors. That's enough about that, or I will be in a bad mood all day.

Better go and GET something done, now that I wont go outside walking I will have to do more in the house. Maybe, I will get some of these projects done that I started last winter. Did get all my Xmas cards finished on Monday, I make my own cards, I really enjoy coming up with new ideas every year. You all have a GET day. Linda

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    Freezing here.
    1855 days ago
    I'll share my warmer weather with you if you share your cooler weather. We've been in the low 80s the last few days here in North Florida.

    1855 days ago
  • GORDON66
    I work in an insurance agency in downtown Chicago, but I don't handle life and health. Although I am on Medicare, I didn't purchase part D, so it's my supplement that's handling my prescriptions. On the other hand, the payment could be coming out of the HSA. Who knows? Auto and home is far less confusing.

    Sassy sounds like excellent company. Since my cats will chase anything, keeping them entertained is very inexpensive. Toilet paper tubes are the best!


    1855 days ago
    It went from a balmy 60f here yesterday to a5f. today... and snow's a coming too. Sounds like Sassy's a lot of fun and will make up for Merlin's absence. Take care and have a rest today too. emoticon emoticon
    1855 days ago
    1855 days ago
    You certainly have had a busy morning. How awesome that you make your own Christmas cards! I can't believe how cold it is where you are. it's still in the 40-50's where I live, in Kentucky, USA, however, the nights do get much colder. And we have already had our first snow. (although it didn't hang around long). But still in the double digits. I am not looking forward to the freezing cold of the winter!! emoticon
    1855 days ago
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