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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ok I know that yesterday I didnt eat enough, BUT I need to know how many calories I should really be eating. I plan on burning roughly the same amount everday, but I dont want to eat them all back. I think that defeats the purpose.
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    I would not recommend counting the calories burned when trying to figure out how many calories to eat. Stick with a range of 1200-1500 for the spark fitness goals. The system I use lists an absolute minimum of 1000 cal. My maintenance calories is 1720 per day, so basically, anything less than maintenance will result in weight loss over time. I average about 1200 cal. per day. Since I started dieting a year ago I have lost 70.4 pounds. Just eat sensibly and don't play the head games of "Gee, if I exercise and burn 500 calories, then I can treat myself with a brownie".
    1738 days ago
    Hey there. I do Weight Watchers and they say NEVER eat less than 1200 calories. Of course they use a different numbering system but that's what it averages out to. AND they say all fruit is "free" so I often eat more than 1200.

    There are LOTS of great ways to calculate your best calorie range but I think you must promise to never eat too little. And if your plateau goes on to long - try eating a controlled increase of only healthy food. (not an extra oreo a day emoticon )
    1739 days ago
    if you have a lot of weight to lose, use the steady range, not the fluctuating method that varies with exercise to set your calorie range.
    1741 days ago
    The best thing to do is to google WikiHow "how to calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate).

    This will tell you what your daily intake to maintain at your current weight would be. Decide how much you want to lose in a week (1lb or 2lb - if you're exercising heavily probably the latter) and deduct 3500 or 7000 calories evenly over the weekdays.

    The problem with one size fits all in terms of SparkPeople's recommendation is that it doesn't take into account how physically active you are or what your starting weight is. There is no point feeling like your insides are meeting (starvation) because you aren't getting enough food - such a method of eating leads to failure because it's impossible to keep it up.

    Better to have more calories of the RIGHT foods, than fewer of the wrong ones. Remember that while some veggies are quite heavy, they also have fiber to keep your insides happy, too! :)
    1742 days ago
    I am trying to follow Spark People's guideline of 1200-1550 for my height and weight but I am trying to stay really close to 1500 cal a day without going over. Some days I go over by 200 cal or so but I am working out 2 times a day now so....I am burning over 500 cal a day in exercise. Most days I try not to go over 1500 tho. Thats my goal for now till I lose some weight then I may have to adjust accordingly. Good Luck to you.

    1743 days ago

    1200 Calories is hard for some people, but you can do the 1200-1500 Calorie range. That's more doable. If you go to settings on your food tracker you can set it to increase your calorie allowance if you exercise a lot. That' my setting and it works for me. This way you won't go into starvation mode. You don't want eat, for example, 1300 calories and exercise 2000 calories. You will be way too hungry and put yourself into a no win situation. I believe you need to eat 500 calories less than your energy expenditure to loose 2 lbs a week. I'm not sure about the numbers, but you can look that up or ask in the nutrition forum. I try to do that every day in order for me too lose. It takes really meticulous food tracking to accomplish a good plan. Food tracking isn't my best quality. I am great at exercise tracking. Do you have a SparkPeople tracker or another brand. If you don't it's very helpful to have one. I wear my tracker all the time except when I'm sleeping. Some trackers track sleep activity too. When I swim I attach it to my wrist to track my swimming. You can attach it on your shoe or bra or wrist.

    Here are forum posts that address weight loss and calorie deficit measuring. I found it by "search" bar. I wrote. "How many calories should I burn to loose weight?" I think this explains it better than I did.

    Good luck to you! emoticon

    1745 days ago

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    MFP recommends at least 1200 calories a day, so that is what I try to hit. I sometimes eat my exercise calories (but that depends of the kind of day I am having).

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    1745 days ago
    1745 days ago
    My Fitness Pal does a pretty good job providing a sensible range. You'll see results if you stay in those ranges. I commend you for being able to restrict your calories, but don't forget, under-eating slows your metabolism and also defeats the purpose.

    Another Sparkfriend pointed out a good book called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It's a pretty great read, covering goal setting, nutrition, and fitness. Every time I think I know enough, I learn something! The nutrition section explains the importance of balancing your macro-nutrients at each meal. Anyway, since you were asking for opinions, I thought I'd throw out that recommendation.

    Keep going, Michelle. You got this!
    1745 days ago
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