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Friday, November 07, 2014

I weighed in today, the "first" day of my effort (of THIS round of efforts). As expected, I lost a pretty good chunk of weight, as history has told me this is the case.

But because I am using the advent calendar to remove pounds as I lose them, I let my son rip up the numbers. Because when I lose 15, it's a night of bowling for the family.

The original advent calendar...(since this was taken, I put the numbers in descending order)

I told him this morning, "Hey Elijah. It's time to rip 4 numbers off the calendar!"
He said, "You lost 4 pounds?!?"
I said, "Yep!"
He shouted, "Woo hooo!!!"

So he was tearing up the numbers and said, "So Mom, maybe next week you can lose FIVE!"

Awww...if only....
I said, "Well buddy, I expect it will either be 1 or 2 pounds next week, but each one counts."

And so we keep looking forward!

Have a great weekend, Sparkers!
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