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My Very First Spark Meet!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

I know you've been waiting, and I know you're totally jealous- you should be!

I met the most amazing new friend last weekend -HEYRED!

I was so excited to meet her, but I had to wait until the Ex picked up the kid. He was late, of course, so I was frantic. AND then I realized I had to get gas emoticon


I totally passed right by the place we were to meet, and u-turned thinking "She's going to think I'm irresponsible and not completely stoked to meet her" emoticon

So I get there, having a picture of her in mind (which was false- she's prettier in person!), text her I'm there, and then...

I see her. In line in front of me, friendly, and smiling and ordering. She sees me a few seconds later, and I wave, and she mouths "Shay?" I nod my head thinking if I wasn't Shay, I'd wish I was at that moment!

Now, I know this sounds like the beginning to a grand love story. lol. I'm not a lesbian, but if I was- she'd be in trouble! emoticon was comfortable. And I was SO nervous getting there. It was a blessing.

It's one thing to bare your soul to people you'll never see in real life. And then there are people so far, far away that you like so much there's a real possibility of meeting one day. And then there are people. right in your backyard, that you could've seen at a store, or driving down the road, that are all of a sudden important to you (see?? be NICE in traffic!).

Because of ...the ex, traffic, getting gas, the U-turn (all things in life you think suck hard) I was rewarded a few seconds of knowing someone a few SECONDS before they knew me. And the seconds were telling.

This chick is nice. She speaks kindly to people who serve her. She is patient. She has a warm smile. She doesn't screw around- she ordered and got right where she needed to be (heeey, really haven't been there before...right?? lol).

Had a BLAST. Spent a few hours talking, and honestly, could've spent a few hours more. I told her in the parking lot that it didn't FEEL like a first meet- it felt like I was having coffee with a friend.

She agreed, but honestly, when someone says that to you, what are you going to say? lol.

But she's hanging with me again, so emoticon I didn't seem too weird!

Anyway, thanks HEYRED for my first awesome Spark Meet!!!
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    Oh thought you were late for your get together! I'm a week and a half late finding out how the visit How do I miss these things? Just not looking hard enough I guess. Sparky, I am so glad you and Heyred connected. It must have been very exciting! I haven't met anybody from SP but have met at least 20 women from Weight Watchers when I used to do WW on-line. Some of us met up in Toronto, Canada, another time it was Vancouver, BC. Canada and then I had to 2 long weekend gatherings at my home for a group of 12 and a group of 16 that all stayed for the 3 days. 98% of it was awesomeness...the 2% was a very bad nightmare. Anyway...I am thrilled that you and Heyred are on the road to bestie I wish I were a fly on the wall when the two of you met. I can only imagine the amount of laughter that went on. Sparky, I am so sorry I never commented on this earlier. I try to keep up with things but to be honest, at times things get a tad overwhelming with keeping up with all the blogs. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction! Catcha later!!!
    2090 days ago
    Seriously jealous, of you both. emoticon
    2094 days ago
    What a nice way to spend a day! emoticon Hey, I actually wrote to SPARKGUY (or Lord Spark) and asked him to think about the SPARKCRUISE idea. So far, he has not descended on his SPARKCLOUD to answer me...just joking, poor guy is probably working his way through 2012 emails. But it's OUT THERE.
    2097 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/8/2014 3:15:40 PM
    That is just too cool! So happy for you that it went well. emoticon
    2098 days ago
    Yeah, I'm jealous - I was hoping it would be me!!!!
    But hey - I'm glad that the first friend you meet is an awesome one. Hopefully they all will be. Again, this is why Spark needs to start sponsoring cruises for all spark people. Wouldn't that be great fun?!
    2098 days ago
    Awww. It is really a gift when you meet someone and there is a "click". It doesn't happen very often. I am so a happy happened for you two. Friendships are a wonderful thing.
    2098 days ago
    Well, All I can say to that is that I'm extremely jealous! I have to settle for friends online because apparently no one lives near me but squirrels and they are way to chatty for my taste. Lucky for me, they all live in nut houses and they have not yet learned how to type.


    Happy to hear your first experience was a positive one.

    2098 days ago
  • STODD251
    I've never met anyone from spark before in real life, but hey why not? I think it sounds like a great way to start a friendship and find a potential work-out buddy. I should try that!
    2098 days ago
  • HEYRED221
    Ok, now I am blushing emoticon You are very sweet to say such wonderful things about me! I am so happy we met too and I have a new friend. No, I had never been to that coffee shop before, I drove right past it too emoticon And I agree, could have definitely stayed talking a few more hours - you are very easy to talk to and it is so nice to hit it off right away with someone. I see this friendship going places - you're right, does kinda sound like the beginnings of a love story . . . emoticon

    Happy Friday my friend emoticon emoticon

    2098 days ago
    Sparkmeets are awesome! I have met a few, and others I knew before I knew they were Sparkers! SO fun!
    2098 days ago
    Spark meetings are great! It is fun to actually meet your spark friends in person.
    2098 days ago
    How awesome - enjoy your new wonderful friendship
    2098 days ago
    How neat that you two got to meet up in person.
    2098 days ago
    2098 days ago
    That's so great sparky, and yeah Im jel, what a great opportunity to meet a sparkfriend in real life! May you enjoy many more happy times together!
    2098 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Making Spark friends, learning about people - Spark is great for that.

    The online community is incredible. And when in that off chance you finally get to meet one of your Sparkly buds ... you being to realize that damn, yeah, everyone is real. And damn, Spark is more than a community of people with the goals of getting is a community of fantastic people, who just happen to be on Spark.

    Someone once told me ... you come here for one reason. And you stay for another. Yeah ... Spark rocks. Go you. Go HEYRED.
    2099 days ago
    Now, this is a story with a very happy ending. Or a happy NOT-ending, because you're getting together again, as you say! It must have been so fun to meet a real, live Sparkster, and to find her just as nice and pretty (or even NICER and PRETTIER) than in the SparkWorld. It's very telling that you spent "a few hours" talking, and comfortably! There must clearly have been some good chemistry between you, and I wish you and HEYRED many years of happy get-togethers over there in New Mexico!

    Thanks for the joyful blog, Sparky!
    2099 days ago
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