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Sheep moving 101

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Well, here we are again. Busy already this morning, have to get our other half of our sheep home today. We leave half of them here at home to keep the grove and the old cattle lots clear of weeds and the other half go a mile away and do the same thing at another place. We take them down there after we get crops in the ground and bring them back home after harvest. So now feeding the sheep will become hubby's job. I don't like them all coming at me at feeding time, I don't mind it when it's only half, but when they are all here I'm always scared they will knock me over. If you have never been around sheep you have no idea how stupid they can be. We went down first and set up coral panel, and feed them in the smaller pen, then open the trailer door, which we parked by the gate, and then work to get them to go in. If you can get one in the rest will follow, unless the one you got in turns around and comes back out, then what ever you have in there is now outside again. Sometime they all go in the first time and sometimes we can work them till we are all exhausted. Now some of the ewes (female) are 8-10 years old and have done this every year and still don't get it, just Get in the trailer and go home. The last trip down, taking trailer down, Merlin got to ride along, cause I drove the VAN down to pick hubby up, and of course your not leaving without him. But he had to stay in it when we got down there, didn't want him to upset the sheep anymore than possible, so he had to miss all the new smells and just barked.

I still don't feel up to par, but each day it gets a little better. I don't know why a change in time has this effect on me, but it does every year. I sleep the same number of hours and don't make any changes, but my inter-clock knows the difference. So, hopefully I can get some walking in today. Will have to start out small again, otherwise I will be exhausted the next day. So, to compensate for the reduction in active I have had to cut my calories, hope I have cut them enough, I really don't want a gain. My feet are still giving me fits, but they also are getting a little better, I think that is because I am not using them as much. Like they say, "Getting older is not for the weak", I just feel like I'm falling apart.

It's time to go and GET something done, so let's all GET with it. Linda

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