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My Personal Thanksgiving Challange

Saturday, November 01, 2014

I haven't had the luxury of time to blog for a long time. I guess checking in every day on the Maintenance Team's daily check-in has substituted for blogging. However, today I need to take a few extra minutes and put my thoughts, goals, and plans into writing.

In the past few weeks, I have let myself fall back into sugar and carb addiction, in a way I'd hoped would never happen again. Once it takes hold, it is like a monster that grabs me and won't let go. I say to it NO, I know how bad it is for my pancreas and my body and all that insulin it has to produce and all the different ways it ruins my life, and it says back to me, BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD! YOU NEED JUST A LITTLE MORE! (Even if I'm already so full I'm uncomfortable.)

Fortunately, I know what to do to break out of this bad pattern, and SP gives me the necessary tools. And I know how wonderful I feel when I eat clean, and I know how the sugar cravings disappear after a few days of avoiding it. So all will be well. I am not even going to get on the scale today, the start of my Thanksgiving Challenge, because I want this to be not about exactly how many pounds I gained and how many I will lose, but about breaking out of this bad pattern I've fallen into over the last month or more. I will not weigh myself until the morning of Thanksgiving Day. I will be working hard towards seeing a number at least very close to my maintenance goal weight by then.

I will continue to do 60-90 minutes of exercise each day. That is already my habit, and thankfully I haven't quit that. I will swim 2x a week, do weight machines at the gym 3x a week, run on the elliptical 1x, and ride my exercise bike 3x. I will take my dog on a hike every day, unless the weather is so bad it would be dangerous to do so. The new thing I will do this month is sign up for some private swimming lessons. I've improved my stroke a lot over the last few months that I've been swimming, but I still can't breathe on the side. I need to try to overcome that fear and learn how to do it correctly.

Okay, so there are my November goals. No excuses! I will end this year without having to make any resolutions about losing X amount of pounds!
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