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the simple things made easy

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

50 pounds are gone. 25 since 9/10/14.

Funny how the simple things are becoming easier. It isnt a goal I planned...they just sort of happen. Like crossing my legs without hooking my foot on something to hold it there. First time that happened I thought "". simple thing made my big changes.

Or picking my foot up in the shower to wash the bottom. I dont have gravity pulling me to the other side while delicately balancing and hoping to not tip over. and i can actually REACH the bottom of my foot. simple thing...big impact

Rolling over in bed without the fish flop and making the entire bed bounce. and sleeping all night without apnea trying to sneak it. apnea...gone. huge thing accomplished by huge changes.

You wouldnt think that changing ones food habits and incorporating exercise would have such an impact. but its the little things...its a rolling over, leg crossing and feet washing impact-causing little things that keep me holding steady and pushing on.

am I where i need or want to be? nope...but by George I am on my way and I am not looking back. I still cant squat without feeling like my knees are going to snap in half.

I hope everyone keeps on keeping on. We all got this. make it a great day everyone

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