Hard Work is Paying OFF!

Monday, October 27, 2014

On June 1st of this year, 2014, I set off yet AGAIN on my mission to lose weight and get healthy. My blood pressure was creeping up and every year my cholesterol levels were above the normal range. I started to log my calories with the SP app, and take daily weights on the scale. I ate more 'clean,' less processed, and began to exercise more often. Drinking 9-11 cups of water became a habit. The first month was disappointing but then the following months the weight started to come off more consistently. I guess it takes awhile for your body to adjust or detoxify? from all the processed foods/junk built up in your system. emoticon I went to my annual physical exam today. I usually schedule it around my birthday in October. My doctor was pleased that I lost 10lbs since I was last there in February. She was super pleased about my blood test results. emoticon October 2013 Total Cholesterol: 203 mg/dL LDL (bad) Cholesterol: 131 mg/dL October 2014 Total Chol: 176 mg/dL LDL Chol: 102 mg/dL They are now in the normal ranges! emoticon emoticon emoticon I still am in disbelief because it's been over 5 years that I have tried to lower my cholesterol and I was thinking it was probably genetic. However, I do know I didn't work as hard as I am now in maintaining good nutrition. Like they say good health is 80% nutrition. I find it is so true now! My blood pressure was fine in the doctor's office but when I showed her the history of readings I took at home and at work she thought they were a bit high for the diastolic numbers (bottom number of blood pressure reading). I know I have alot of stress both at home and at work so that may be a factor I have to work on. She wants to me wear a 24 hour blood-pressure monitor so she can see how I do and if I need to start on medication. I really hope not. I'm going to keep chugging away on eating right. I have to also get back to the circuit training I was doing over the summer. I really enjoy Chris Freytag's DVDs. Strength training is important for women to do to maintain bone density, and building more lean muscle mass increases your metabolism. I do enjoy zumba and yoga classes 1x/week, and walking outdoors on the weekends. My message to you fellow Sparkers is to.. NOT GIVE UP! I almost gave up that first month but I knew I was doing all the right things I just had to be patient with myself. That was the best birthday present to myself this year to get that news today! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon (My previous blog explains a little more of what my meal plan is like if you're interested)
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