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Elimination trials

Thursday, October 23, 2014

So I've had GI issues for years. I chalked them up to "tummy issues" and lactose intolerance and just didn't think about them a whole lot one way or another. But we're thinking about starting a family and even pretty religious application of Lactaid wasn't getting things to a normal state so I figured before I start trying to support a second life I should make sure my GI tract is at least supporting one human reasonably well. So off to the doc and they ruled out all the truly nasty stuff (parasites, auto-immune, full out allergies). All good.

So off to the nutritionist to sort out food sensitivities as my lactose intolerance is a personal best guess rather than a diagnosis. To best test what is causing my distress (which is a great phrase), in two weeks, after I get back from a business trip, I'm going to stop eating: wheat, eggs, milk, soy, nuts (both ground and tree), fish and shellfish. Pretty much everything I currently eat, since we eat little red meat. Veggies I can keep but she suggested I cook all fruits as they can cause problems for people with seasonal allergies. Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays are going to be oh so much fun this year. So I go off that all for three weeks and then bringing them back in a week at a time.

Something tells me I'm going to need a lot of Sparkpeople support to get through this successfully. I guess I'll be back to something like normal just after New Year, with a bit more knowledge, hopefully.
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    I have done elimination diets more than once, both for myself and my daughter. I am doing much better now (and so is she!). One way to find recipes is to google "special carbohydrate diet" or "SCD". People have come up with some very creative recipes along the way. Good luck!
    2330 days ago
    Thank you both for your support. STILLFLYIN, I've been drinking a lot of plain herbal teas and thanks for the tip about the olives, I did have some green olives, though I didn't feel any worse after them than anything else so I'm not sure how much of an issue that will turn out to have been. The vegan margarine has been a godsend, I've been using the Earth Balance Soy Free kind and it has saved a lot of even very simple recipes for me. I think I may try baking something pumpkin based this week, I picked up some gluten free flour mix that I guess I may as well play with. If you don't mind sharing, how long did it take you going off things before you felt better?
    2332 days ago
    WOW! You are really limited in what you can eat. I hope you figure out what the problem is soon. Best wishes
    2360 days ago
    I don't know what foods you like or how much you like to cook. I pretty much can't eat out and have to cook almost everything I eat. So you have to tell me more for me to make suggestions. With what you have mentioned, squash and sweet potatoes can be made to be a whole lot of delicious. They don't have to be sweet and high calorie. They are great in everything from soup to pie (minus crust). Lettuce leaves make great bread replacements for sandwich fillings. There are a ton of milk substitutes out there. I mostly don't use any - even in my recipes. Water is fine. There is soy free/dairy free margarine available even in this backwater that I live in. Look for "vegan" on the package somewhere. If an ingredient list has "lactic acid" and doesn't say plant derived, don't eat it. Yeah, that is one of the rough ones. Black olives are usually ok, green olives usually have lactic acid.

    And just because you CAN eat it doesn't mean you HAVE to eat it. I struggle with this one. When I find fake ice cream or other treats that I haven't had in years, I tend to over indulge.

    When my seasonal allergies kick in, I recently started getting major GI and arthritis like problems that I think are inflammation related. Neti pot and PPI pills that I don't want to take have been the only real help so far. (I go ahead and take the PPI pills because when I first got this, I wound up in the hospital with them thinking I had a heart attack. Not doing that again.) I'm watching myself and trying different things to try to find a way to get through it without the pills. Still nothing that works well enough.

    There are worse things than doing this elimination. No knowing, dying before your time in miserable pain are way up there.

    Sorry, I am just so verbose. :-D
    2362 days ago

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    Thanks STILLFLYIN. That sounds like really helpful advice. Any favorite recipes to take a look at while planning this really strict part of the elimination? Some creative things to try may help me dread the prospect less. I'm trying to think of it as a fun challenge (or as my sister said, a really long Lent).
    2363 days ago
    You can do it! Speaking as a person of many food allergies and intolerances I've done it more than once. Your body is a research project that will probably need additional study for the rest of your life.

    First hint - read ingredients in everything that goes into your body. Every time! Manufacturers are forever changing ingredients. With time, you will learn what most of those words are. And you will probably learn the ones that hurt fairly quickly.

    Second hint - most processed wheat free foods are highly refined starches. Look for and eat the seeds, etc in as close to their natural form as possible. They are better for you, taste better, and are more filling. I mention this second since I found it the hardest to deal with.

    Third, the first elimination may not be enough. You may find groups within the groups. So your add back item of a group may not reflect that something else that you either do or don't react to. Example - I'm violently sensitive to salmon, but I am fine eating bass.

    As I said, you can do this. Figuring out what is good for your body is worth it.

    Oh, yes. Like everything, there are lots of quacks and well intended people that found one thing that worked for them in the allergy world. If it sounds too good for you, it probably isn't worth your time, money, or effort.
    2363 days ago

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