Three Years at Goal Oct 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Never did I ever think I would ever lose that 130 pounds. Now it has been gone for three years.

I may have really turned into this new thin person. I treasure every moment that I do not have to worry about squeezing into a booth or breaking a chair or finding clothes that fit. I shop in the Junior Department or the Boy's Department often now and I am 55 years old.

Hopefully I will write more to celebrate this milestone, but here is the highlight so far.

I haven't seen my son since January and we reunited on my spark-iversary date by chance. In the last months I have been on a crazy trip - moving ten times in ten months. I have stayed healthy, optimistic and focused during this time and even published my 4th book in May. So here is our conversation:

Me: Well, how do I look? [Expecting him to say, "Great!"]

Son: Horrible. Old, gray and haggard. I want my mom back.

So Happy Spark-iversary to me.

I am never going back to obesity. Nothing that happens today is as bad as my life when I was wearing Size 4X.

Believe it!

Love you guys. Keep on Sparking. I hope you lose your weight at an earlier age than I did so you can enjoy your pre-haggard years in good form.


XO Sharon
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