5 Year Spark-iversary !PICS!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi"!!!! I hit my 5 year anniversary of my time on SparkPeople last month. I wanted to post a blog back then, but .... well, you know. Life happens! I posted a before picture on Facebook celebrating my 5 years and soaked up all of the positive comments I received as several people were not familiar with my past.

Things, health wise are going great for me. I had a cancer scare last month, but everything appears to be fine for now. Praise God!

Early this summer I was able to finally lose those last 10 lbs I have struggled with for the past 4 years and feel like I am finally at a "goal" weight/size. I am maintaining right around 130#s, +/- 2#s. I am happy with my body, despite the loose skin. I only have one size of clothing! This is a BIG thing for me because the past 4 years I would always keep the next size or two up "just in case" I regained any weight. That is no longer an option for me!!!!! I am not going to regain the weight..... No way!

CrossFit is still my life! I get emotional just thinking how joining my gym has changed me. I feel so fit and strong and healthy--- in my 40's!!!! I met a long term goal of being able to do pull ups! It took me 2 years (when I first started CrossFit, I could only hang onto the bar for a few seconds!), and the sense of accomplishment I feel is priceless. I still have many other goals I am working towards. My husband is also a fanatic and he and I have grown so much closer sharing this passion. (I realize that may sound silly) We are almost empty nesters and it feels great to strengthen our bond as we enter this new phase of life.

Here are a couple of pics of all of the fun I have:

I also must mention how blessed I was to discover SparkPeople 5 years ago. I could NOT have done this without the incredible, amazing support I received here!!! I struggled for 13 years before the light bulb turned on and I was able to succeed! It was SO SO SO hard. But having this website to use as an outlet and as a source of feedback helped me so much. It was the first time I was able to openly and freely communicate with others who TRULY understand the struggle.

I hardly recognize her any more but I will never forget because that is what drives me today.
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