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100 Days Challenge: Day 43 Choose to, not have to

Friday, October 17, 2014

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the number of things you have to do?

At some point, I’m sure you’ve uttered the words, “I have to lose weight” or “I have to exercise.”

The real truth is you don’t actually have to do anything. This includes going to work, cleaning the house, or even feeding the dog.

You choose to do these things because you don’t like what might happen if you don’t do them.

Instead of saying, “I have to,” when discussing your actions or goals, substitute the words “I choose to.”

Now the phrase “I have to go to work” becomes “I choose to.” And “I have to lose weight” becomes “I choose to lose weight.”

From now on, any time you feel like you have to do something, say “I choose to.” Then take steps that move you toward the outcomes you want.

Today’s assignment

1. Start catching times when you say, “I have to…” Regardless of the issue you’re facing, switch your words and say, “I choose to.” Write down each time you do this as well as what you said.

I choose to exercise today.

I choose to work on my business plan.

I choose to pick up the clutter in my house.

2. Train yourself to use this phrase more regularly by saying things such as, “I choose to get up early for my meeting” or “I choose to sit here at my desk and type this report.”

I choose to write more, and to work on my new book.

I choose to skip having wine with dinner, and drink club soda instead.

3. Using the words ‘I choose to…,” write a “to do” list of things you want to accomplish during the next week.

I choose to…

Exercise a little each day

Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables

Plan dinners so we don’t “choose to” (vs. “have to”) go to a restaurant.

P.S. I love this exercise, and have used it to completely change my vocabulary about a lot of things. Even simple phrases such as "I have to get up early" or "I have to cook dinner" now seem a lot kinder when I tell myself that I "choose to" do these things.
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