Day 23 of starting again. The ups, the downs, the challenges, the lessons, the intolerances.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's Wednesday. A damp, cloudy, grey Wednesday in Autumn. I look out the window and sigh. Yup, another **fun-filled day skipping through the leaves, doing what I love, and taking care of myself**. Well, maybe.

I have a full day ahead of me with work and appointments, and more work. And that's pretty much every day on repeat. For those that don't know, I work a part time job teaching yoga as well as own a full time (plus more time) business in primarily wedding & family photography. I'm not actually complaining (I really do love what I do), though I would absolutely love to claim a month (or a year) off and just do what I want instead of attacking the immense to-do pile that's in front of me every day. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished but I'm sure everyone feels that way. And on top of all the time I spend doing "normal" things every day, one thing that always amazes me is how time-consuming getting healthy is.

Honestly, I forget when I fall off the wagon because it's one less thing to think about -- it's easy to go grab food out, to buy pre-made just-throw-in-the-oven food. But no, that's not an option anymore because not only am I trying to eat well, AND calorie count, BUT I also (thanks to my elimination diet I did earlier this year) have a multitude of food intolerances that make eating out or buying pre-prepped meals almost impossible. So this is what I've discovered in the last 23 days.


Me. The bread addict. I don't miss it. Well, that's not exactly true. I miss the ease of it. The throw a sandwich together in under 3 minutes ease of it. But I don't miss the taste, or the amount of calories I mindlessly ate while I had it in the house. And I don't crave it. Go figure. Something is working.



The numbers actually fascinate me. I like to watch them add up throughout the day and be categorized in different sections. Also, it's almost no extra work to measure what goes on my plate. It is awkward when eating outside of my own kitchen mind you, I just guesstimate when I get home. And when you're sharing meals with someone else it's not always easy to figure out how much of it they took and what's left over, but I'm not worried about exact counts. Just enough to know that i'm not eating more than I burn each day. Also, now that the bread/grains are gone, it's actually challenging to eat my full calorie allotment which strikes me as rather bizarre.



So I am intolerant to certain kinds of lettuce. Or the sprays they put on lettuce. I haven't tested them all yet but salads, which were once my "safe" meal out, are no longer and things have gotten one step more challenging. My body may hate chicory and abhors spinach. Also, I avoid broccoli and cauliflower and kale and onion because they cause abdominal bloating and gas, and garlic because it causes gastrointestinal explosions and double-me-over-and-punch-me-in
-the-stomach pain. I'm avoiding potatoes which also makes eating out challenging (do you know how many meals restaurants include potatoes with?? - a LOT.)



I want to, I really do, but as much as I love meat and nuts and cheese and eggs and protein smoothies, I can't seem to get enough to hit the 25% mark of my diet (which I am told is a great way to reduce belly fat -- see:
). Also, I'm totally intolerant to legumes and now, most dark leafy greens, so that really doesn't help my mission.



Someone said that once you switch to healthy eating you are getting TONS of fibre from fruit and vegetables, um, really? At least 60% of EVERY MEAL is veggies or fruit and my fibre numbers are sooooooo low as to where they should be. And it's, ahem, creating obvious issues. I'm going to go out and buy flax seed today to sprinkle on my food to try to up my fibre count but man, how do people do it? Will I have to add back in rice to my diet just to get some fibre?



How I can seemingly lose or gain 2-3 pounds in a day is beyond me. Every morning I step on the scale and it's like playing roulette. I'm assuming it's because I'm still not managing to quite drink enough water consistently throughout the day that there are days that i'm retaining water from eating certain foods. Yesterday i was 256.8. This morning I'm 258.4. Tomorrow I could either be 260 or 255. I can't even guess. I'm trying to ignore it but i'm guessing it's tied to my low fibre amounts? I'd really love to watch the scale go down on a consistent basis instead of ping-ponging all over the place. It's damn annoying.



Yeah. I love to cook. LOVE. TO. COOK. But this is getting a bit silly... A lot of my once-work-day now is spent prepping, cooking, measuring, calculating, and figuring out what the heck to make that both I, as well as my partner-in-crime, can/will eat. I'm getting creative though as I do love to experiment. Squashes are currently my friend. As well as turkey. So much so, after the holidays this weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), I picked up two more turkeys because they are on amazing sales right now and also because I can never have enough turkey. Never.



I do. I've dropped upwards of 10 pounds (depending on the ping-ponging) and things are feeling better. I made it through Thanksgiving. Jeans are fitting better and I'm appreciating what's on my plate more. (Probably because I've been slaving over it and paying attention to it far more than I used to.) There are days I still feel exhausted but I'm sure that's just either me, the weather, my body adapting, or the fact that I don't have a thyroid anymore. All in all, it's good. Challenging, but good. And challenging is okay. Because better is good.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD9556574
    Instead of telling someone to walk in my shoes, walk in their shoes :-}
    1796 days ago
    Sounds like things are coming together for you. Keep up the good work!
    2284 days ago
    Oops. How did I miss this emoticon You're probably ready to post a November update. emoticon Congratulations on feeling better, and on losing weight too! My journey has changed so much and I can relate to all the food choices you're making based on health. Feeling better and getting healthy is what's important, and weight loss is a happy bonus.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2340 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    I would be in big trouble if I could not eat the veggies you can't. As you say, they add fiber. Chia seed helps add protein and some fiber and is quite versatile. Turkey is a mainstay for me too, and I am blessed to have a local farm, antibiotic free, that sells a great variety of turkey products. Good luck with our ongoing journey. emoticon
    2373 days ago
    Glad you are slowly sorting things out. I am not sure
    how it would feel to give up all bread but I would do
    it if I had to but no salad? I would be so lost.
    2378 days ago
    emoticon Glad that it's working for you. We should always listen to what our body tells us.
    2378 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Good to hear it's working for you. I have intolerances as well and find it's hard to figure out just what one CAN eat. And my fiber intake is always low as well. If I get into the range suggested, it's way too much form my system. So I know what you're talking about! Hang in there and keep following your plan.
    emoticon emoticon
    2379 days ago
  • ANNIE1114
    2379 days ago
    Bottom line you feel better, your jeans fit better and you are so aware of what you are putting into your body. Always an interesting reflection when I read your blogs
    2379 days ago
    I agree with you. It's not the carbs as much as the ease of carbs that I miss. I hate having to "prepare" every meal. But it is working so I am going to keep going with it.
    2379 days ago
    You are AMAZING!
    I love your attitude. Sooooo many people do the food elimination work or get allergy tests (I've done both), and then throw a poo poo pity party to mourn the food they can no longer eat (umm, I've done this too!).
    But not you! you're LISTENING to your body, and it's thanking you for nixing specific foods. Great job!
    Yes, it's more work (for now), but you've had decades of memory habits that just need to be re molded into new habits regarding food. I promise you will get your meals put together in under 3 minutes at some point, and fuel your body better than gluten laden sandwiches, right? Yes!
    And.....can I admit that my gum almost flopped out of my jaw-dropped mouth when I read that you are surviving without bread and NOT being plagued by those cravings? GAH! So jealous! I've been eating gluten free for over a decade and I still dream of sourdough bread. Yeah, sad but true!

    So let yourself have 5 minutes of 'whine time' and then move forward today. Keep it up buttercup. You're clearly on the right path, and it shows!

    2379 days ago
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