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A little Harry Potter story....

Friday, October 10, 2014

As part of Harry Potter/Hogwarts team challenge, we were given a challenge to make up a story about Harry and friends ... Here is my story....

It is a beautiful fall weekend at Hogwarts, the students have been away from home for a few weeks. The students of Hufflepuff decide to open all the windows in the common room as well as our TDRs. Airing out the rooms make the feel of fall more real. Once all the windows are opened, I can hear the birds and owls chirping in the owlry. The fowls seem ready for fall.
As the weekend approaches, there is a feel of excitement in the air. It is parent weekend. Harry is sad though knowing his parents won't be there. The parents start to arrive. Mr and Mrs Weasley are the first to arrive. They arrive via the floo network. Ron is happy to see them. Professor Lupin greets them hardily as long time friends. Then to Harry's surprise, Sirius has come to visit. Harry is so happy! As part of the activities of the day, the Weasley family, with Harry and Sirius and Prof. Lupin go for a long walk along the shore of the lake. While there, Ron, Hermaine and Harry pick up rocks and have a contest of who can skip the most skips with rocks. Hermaine wins and the boys grown. Mrs. Weasley has brought some stale bread from home and the students feed the ducks. When all of a sudden the ducks start making a racket and fly off. The students look at each other in question. Then Draco appears. He seems down because his father was unable to join Parent weekend because he is busy with the deatheaters. "What are you doing, Malfoy?" "Nothing." Just as he says that the lake has a big explosion. "What was that?" Malfoy gets a glint in his eye. It was just a science experiment, I ONLY put Francium in water to see what would happen..... Professor Lupin does not think this prank is very funny! Prof Lupin takes Malfoy away for detention. As the rest of the group walks back to the castle, they decide they should help clean up the grounds by raking up the fallen fall leaves. Then the students jump in the leaves like when they were young children. Then they play a game of leap frog all the way back to the castle. It is more difficult since it is up hill. As the afternoon wanes on, the group decides to go for a bike ride to Hogsmeade. Everyone is excited to see there is a farmers market taking place. They decide to look at the strange and wonderful fruits and vegetables. There is odd shapes and colors galore.There is one fruit that when you take a bite, it is whatever fruit is your favorite. And if you think of another fruit, the fruit changes to that. So every bite can be different. After a long day, the visitors go home and the students retreat to their common room. There they sit in front of a big roaring fire, in big comfy chairs and read some books. It is a wonderful ending to a wonderful day exploring with the family and the ones they love. All are smiling and fast asleep.
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