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I quit my job yesterday

Saturday, October 04, 2014

I was offered employment closer to my home, so I decided that it was time to quit the job that required commuting 20 miles each way. On top of that, my co-workers were not very polite or accepting of me. There were 6 of us-all women, and approximately the same age. there was a lot of clique behavior similar to that of the high school variety, and I have to say, I was pushed out. They weren't good at inclusion, and in fact, often, they would make plans about "hanging out" and I'd be sitting there by myself. I know that friends and co-workers don't mix, but just sitting there like a dummy while they all made plans and talked about how awesome it was going to be was kind of hurtful.

It started with the 'leader' really, the one who had been there the longest. I would be reading my email-work related, and she would ask me if I was on "like, a break or something". of course, I'd tell her in a very polite way that I'm not some slacker, and that it would be stupid to do something like that especially while still within my 90 days.
It wasn't the first time she would do that. I'd legitimately be on break and just happen to be coming back and she'd ask me if I was 'on like, a break or something'. It was irritating. It was like she singled me out. She NEVER said anything to the girl who would take lengthy PERSONAL phone calls on her desk phone, nor would she say anything to the other girl who would come over to the previously mentioned girl and just chat it up for like 5-10 minutes about bull crap, not only wasting ONE person's time, but two people's time when they could be on the phone. I can't even count how many times I'd be on the phone with a patient, and I'd have to cover my other ear because I couldn't hear over their talking.

There was one incident in particular that led me to seek other employment. I was still new. I mean seriously, my training was literally 3 days, so mistakes were bound to happen. I guess I forgot to delete a message from a patient's record after rescheduling him, so my co workers (the "leader") called him back, and then very rudely talked to me in front of everyone else how 'frustrating' it is. Now, I don't mind constructive criticism, but this was just too much. She seriously had me in my cubicle, and my other co-workers were also around, and telling me "you need to complete your tasks" and all that, and seriously, it was just too much, and I started crying. I normally would not have if I wasn't emotional already. I had already been going through a lot, and that just did it for me. I already knew that they didn't like me. I wasn't like them at all! Honestly, I can't believe that I lasted there as long as I did. They were just so rude to me, and I know that they were singling me out. I remember one time I was being polite to a customer, and the "leader" was actually mocking what I had just said in a sing songy voice! Seriously! I remember various other times, I'd ask for help, or ask who was covering whom when one provider was out, and seriously, NO ONE KNEW! We wouldn't know until one of the medical assistants would come out and be like "why did you send me a message about so and so's patient?" it was SO horribly disorganized, and everyone seemed annoyed when I asked them for help. I just couldn't do it anymore.

So finally, after a successful interview elsewhere and a job offer, I went in to work yesterday, printed a couple things I needed, told them that I accepted work elsewhere and that I'd be lying if I said "it's been fun". I then logged out, shut down my computer, turned in my badge, and left. It was an amazing feeling. I begin training on the 12th, and really, I just want to have some time to relax. I didn't really get a break between school and my previous job, so I figured I might as well take some time now just to relax. I don't regret that decision. These people weren't the brightest either....they were all pretty superficial, and I kid you not, one girl talked about the possibility of baptizing her dogs....that's right. Her DOGS...Now, I'm not a christian, but I was raised catholic, and I understand that there's an element of free will and the ability to say "yes" or "no".....this girl was an idiot....superficial idiots....I'm just glad that I don't have to deal with it anymore.
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  • DTHOR6
    Good For you. You certainly didn't need that stress. Nothing is worse then having to work somewhere you hate and don't feel comfortable. And I can't stand someone to degrade someone else. Especially in front of people! I hope you love your new job!!
    1633 days ago
    Life is too short to spend 8 hrs a day feeling miserable. I am so glad you found another job and were able to quit. The time off will refresh you and I wish you much happiness in your new position.
    1633 days ago
    1634 days ago
    Good for you! You need to take your talent, energy and creativity to a workplace where you'll be appreciated.

    Here's to celebrating your new job:
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1634 days ago
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