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Chocolate Martini and the Hot Dog Sauce

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Maybe someone will get that title. Maybe not.

I was a little ill tonight.

No chocolate martinis, but two hot dogs with chili sauce.

I used to eat like crap- ALL the time.

and I thought my body was happy. it never disagreed, so I took that as being happy.

I've been on Spark over two months now, and have changed the diet accordingly.

Well...tonight I ate hot dogs. It was easy, sounded delicious.

Until it came back up to greet me again.

Geez-us! Did you know that chili is actually ORANGE? and hot dogs come up the exact same way they go down??!!

SO gross.

I'm praying to the spark gods to forgive me right now, and swearing I won't do THAT again.

I know, I know...maybe pizza, or whatever...but never hot dogs with chili sauce.

Orange, I tell you. Orange!

There's something to be said about clean eating, me thinks.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    NOOOOOOO! emoticon
    2134 days ago
    That'll learn ya!
    2134 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Hmmm ... am I the only one wondering why it comes up orange? I want to figure it out. The geek in me wants to analyze and determine what's in the chili ... and what about the human digestive system would cause the ... errr... reemergence of said chili, to become orange. I am theorizing it has something to do with the enzymes that aid in digestion ... but we shall see...

    (Man ... how geeked out is THAT?!?!?!)

    Now, here is a sort of cool fact?

    My wife and I went scuba diving once. The pro diver there told us that you want to eat a little before diving, because you don't really want to dive on an empty stomach. (Neither do you want to dive on a full belly by the way.)

    He said that if you are worried that you might vomit on the boat ride out due to sea sickness, to eat Fritos. He said that Fritos is on of the few foods that taste the same going down as going up! I am not sure if that is an EW thing ... but I want to try it one day!
    2136 days ago
    Well Chiquita, be happy it didn't come out your nose, cause that would have cleared the sinuses. emoticon

    I have had a similar reaction to fried foods. I think the grease coats my guts, makes a fast moving slide and somehow manages to come out faster than it went in. Horrible!

    Consider it a life lesson, if we revert back to the "old ways" were in for some real medieval torture which will be administered sadistically by our own hand.

    All foods are not created equal, I discriminate!

    2138 days ago
    Isn't orange the new black? emoticon
    2138 days ago
    You made me laugh. Yup, I used to enjoy my wine with dinner, but when I stopped drinking it to allot calories to more nutritious foods, I had to admit I felt better. Darn! Yup, I think there is something to this clean eating thing after all!
    2139 days ago
  • HEYRED221
    emoticon Orange huh? Not pleasant sounding at all. That's just your bodies way of saying "None of this!!!"

    Hope your weekend was wonderful.

    2139 days ago
    LOL! The lessons we learn.....
    2139 days ago
    Mannn... That sounds like NO FUN! I guess next time you have a hankering for hot dogs with chili sauce, you'll no doubt remember this episode. Whether that stops you from partaking or not is a whole nother matter. emoticon

    I know what you mean about eating clean, though. When you started eating healthy, did your stomach have fits? I thought that I'd start eating good stuff, and my problems would be over. Nope. My "problems" weren't over for 3 weeks! I think the bod just gets used to whatever you're eating over time, whether it's healthy stuff or crap.
    2139 days ago
    Sparky, Sparky, Sparky.......GROSE! haha! I am sorry you felt so miserable but upchucking the wieners and chili could not have been a pretty sight. YUK! You are a hoot! Good to know that your food plan has changed significantly enough to send you out DON'T EAT THAT! Hope you are feeling better now! The Spark Gods were good to you right? xo
    2139 days ago
    What a blog to wake up to ! You are a riot, dear sparky! Should have had the chocolate martini instead. It is amazing though what our bodies get 'used to' as we're eating crap - then we treat our bodies right for a change & they don't want us going back to the crap! Here's to a healthy eating day!!!
    2140 days ago
    I can eat corn dogs - but when I try to eat chili dogs, nope, not staying down! And taste a LOT worse coming up.
    2140 days ago
    Well, Sparky, I'm glad I waited until AFTER lunch to read this! But I'm wondering what the Spark rules are pertaining do you call it in your neck of the woods? Barfing? Tossing your cookies? Throwing up? Worshiping the porcelain god? And my favorite from childhood--upchucking? Anyway, not to make light of your situation (but your situation is probably making you lighter!), I hope you feel better soon!
    2140 days ago
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