Believing in yourself is a powerful thing!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I have been pondering this for weeks now and finally know the "what" so I thought I would share. I have been in this process of transforming myself for a while. I would do good and then fail. Then start doing good and then fail. It was a vicious cycle. One step forward and then two steps back.

I had major goals last year and only came a little close. I would go back and forth between the same pounds for months. It just felt like for all that I was doing, I was never getting anywhere.


It hit. I don't know what it exactly was but bam, it hit and came out of nowhere. The scale started to steadily drop at the end of August and this new feeling came over me. What changed, I talked to myself. And not just any old way... I talked to myself in the mirror. Face to face with myself and gave myself a pep talk. Part of that pep talk was saying "I believe in YOU".

I have given myself a pep talk before but it was always just in my head. There is something different about looking at yourself straight in the face like you are talking to a friend and giving yourself advice or cheering yourself on.

I have always needed that extra support. I think it stems from me being the third child out of 7 that my parents had. I never really felt supported and never really felt like anyone truly listens to me. So this whole process I have been needing that validation from others... that support from others... but in reality... I needed to show myself that I believed in myself. Hate to sound conceded but it really is "all about me".

This life style change this transformation process really is a personal one. Not one person is the same as the next. This journey is really all about YOU! And if you don't believe you can do it. If you don't believe in yourself, you are bound to fail. So just saying those words to myself, seeing my face in the mirror and repeating those words, really hit me.

And since it has I have been letting it all go. I am now pushing my body to limits I never thought imaginable. I am dropping weight on the scale every week. I am just feeling over all happier. It really can work in all areas of your life.

I recently just told a coworker to try this out for himself. He has gone through two women in his life, a wife that cheated on him and a girlfriend that passed away from cancer. He now has a new girlfriend that he will be proposing to but he is scared and nervous because he thinks that she will disappear like the other ones. So I told him that he needs to write it down every day on a new post it note saying, "she is not going away". I also said that he needs to talk in the mirror to himself and chant that she is not disappearing. He started doing this yesterday and mentioned to me today that he is feeling pretty good.

So my advice to all of you... give it a try! Try doing a mirror self talk. Tell yourself that you are awesome and are working hard. Yell at yourself if you have to. Cry! Laugh! Tell yourself that you believe in YOU! It may work for you as well. Or..... We may just have a bunch of crazy people talking to themselves in mirrors. LOL!

Either way this is my tip of the day! Always believe in yourself because it truly is a very powerful thing!

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