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Going into High Gear

Monday, September 29, 2014

We are less than two weeks away from leaving on our trip to Nepal and India!

The suitcases are out. Packing is a multi-day/multi-week project. We will be gone a month and my PLAN is to take one small roller suitcase that can go in the plane and one LARGER suitcase that we will check. The only reason we will check a bag at all is because of our hiking poles. (Darn you, TSA!) I also have a large bag that fits under my seat and TC may take a tote bag to fit under his.

We always try to travel light -- when we went to China we had two plane-sized roller bags and that was it! There was one couple who had SIX oversized suitcases! But I digress!

My to-do list is a mile long -- everything from get a haircut/color my hair to stop the mail to pay bills in advance to start feeding our cat in the (cat-accessible) basement. We need to eat down all the food in the fridge and TC (of course) will be working on yard work until the bitter end so our property will only be partially atrocious when we get back.

Today I went shopping for a super-comfy airplane outfit, and I think I found it! It is a swingy black knit skirt that ends just under my knees with a stretchy waist and NO zipper. I am claustrophobic and a terrible flyer -- I need to be able to tuck my feet under me and move all around in comfort without ANY restraint or I will go MAD! I added it up and we will be taking 4 flights for a total of 19.5 hours in the air and 12 hours of layover time. That's just to GET to Kathmandu!

On a happier note, my hip/back/leg issues seem to be resolving. I did NO exercise on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we climbed up Mt. Nebo, 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles DOWN. This was the second time in a week and it was MUCH easier the second time! Some pictures:

Now this is a switchback!

Two-thirds of the way up, overlooking the Arkansas River Valley. Can you see why I feel blessed to have moved to this area???

Terrence at Sunset Point

This is a panoramic view, using the new camera I bought TC because I love him! This is from a bench sitting at Sunset Point:

AND, using the incredible zoom of the new camera! This road runner was hoping we'd feed him. He was about 60 feet away, but bad news for him -- we NEVER feed wildlife because people food is unhealthyand they tend to get dependent on it, so perish in the winter when the tourists are gone).

And me, at the sign which says 1,800 feet. Hey, not much of a mountain by most standards, but pretty respectable for Arkansas!

Thank you for letting me share our favorite "high effort" hike with you.

We will make this week "The Week of the List" and "The Week of Hiking". We plan to do this hike on Mt. Nebo 3 days in a row: 2.5 miles up, then the 4-mile bench trail, then 2.5 miles down. If we can do this 9-mile circuit three days in a row, I know we'll be ready for hiking the Annapurna Circuit!

Onward and upward!!!
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