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How Others See Us VS. How We See Ourselves...

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Friday, September 26, 2014

I know many of us know that we are often harder on ourselves... most of us have been guilty of this at one point or another.

Example: You went over your calories for the day, by A LOT. So you beat yourself up, get down on yourself for ruining your day and tell yourself you're a failure.

Yet a Spark friend posts an update that they overate, and they are upset about having such an awful day... you don't tell them they failed, you tell them that it happens to everyone! You let them know that what's done is done, to learn from it, move forward and work harder tomorrow. You offer them kind support instead a kick in the rear.

I am all too familiar with that, and I have been working on being kinder to myself. But what happened the other day was so interesting to me, I had to share it with all of you.

There was a point on our Disneyland trip where my coworker and I were looking through the photos we had taken that day. Each time I saw a photo of her, I instantly noticed that she was smiling, looked pretty and how adorable her mouse ears were. At the same time I was saying "This is a great photo" she was groaning. I asked innocently "what's the problem?" Her response: "All I see is fat thighs, big arms and a giant belly!" I was shocked, none of those things had occurred to me while looking at those photos... and even AFTER her comment, I still didn't see those things. I laughed and told her she was ridiculous.

As we continued flipping through pictures, we came to one of me... this time the situation was reversed! She said it was cute and I groaned. Then I couldn't help but laugh... I said we were both guilty of the same thing, because when I looked at the picture of me, all I saw was a pregnant belly!

It wasn't one of those situations where we were trying to make the other person feel better by complimenting them... I really do believe we were both sincere in our sentiments... but it just goes to show that we are so much harder on ourselves. What we think are our biggest flaws may not even be noticeable to someone else. Even after her pointing out what she didn't like about her pictures, I still didn't agree. I didn't think things were "as bad" as she was saying, not even close!

This is a good thing for me to remember today, as I ate the entire world. Yep... ALL OF IT! emoticon I can wallow in it, kick myself while I'm down, feel like a failure or I can learn from it and try do better tomorrow... and that's sure what I'm going to do!

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